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    Throwable C4 is getting old

      This is something that was getting really old in BO2 and unfortunantly it has been perfected in Ghosts. Most of the guys i used to play COD with have stopped because of things like this. It makes no sense in the fact that even though its a game could you imagine this weapon in real live? It would kill everyone around!

      The funny thing is the Semtex grenade IS a plastic explosive to start with. It just has a longer fuse so no one uses it. Why? Because if any weapon gives you a slight edge it will be used. The fast toss and detonation makes the c4 the troll choice.

      It is to the level of the troll favorite from BO2 the near death bouncing beattie toss.Since the maps were small it seemed almost everyone had that BB toss as a martydom after death kill. These are the things that drive people away. I lost a lot of good players because of this too. Unfortunantly just like we all say, it's really not the developers fault it's the community's fault.

      Of course the developers could require a 2 second arming or something like that to avoid it being used the way it is.

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          I have always said the C4 was OP in Black Ops II and I still stand by it. Many people felt the same deep down but since they used it so much (everyone has had their share of C4 tossing in Black Ops II) they didn't admit it.


          The fact that you could toss a C4 as far you could and then inflict as much damage as you could was utter madness. Especially on the small ass maps Black Ops II had.

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            i feel that it is bs, but in reality i cant complain about it in ghosts, i never see c4 like i did in bo2.. people would use it as a primary, and opt into having 2 of them and scav. that was a nightmare in bo2, and it was about unplayable.. in ghosts its toned down alot and i rarely see it.. in ghosts, the new c4 is the IED

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              A couple of thoughts here.  One being that I really don't see the C4 being used all that much.  I'd say that IEDs are used way more than C4's are.  I could just be the gamemodes that I play (DOM, TDM, KC) but it hardly ever comes around for me.  The second being if there was a 2 second arming delay then it would be useless.  It doesn't toss as far as a semtex.  So to put a delay on it would make it worthless.  You would be dead before it ever had a chance to arm.  It would make it worse than the already never used canister bomb.  So you might as well just argue to remove it from the game entirely.  I personally don't have a problem with it.  Yes I did use it in BO2 often.  I've used it in Ghosts from time to time as well but most times I find my weapon to be more effective given the low TTKs.  If it was removed, I wouldn't shed any tears nor will I jump for joy if it stays.

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                C4 was ridiculously OP in Black Ops 2 but the only redeeming balance to that was the fact that Flak Jacket was also OP.


                Personally in Ghosts I never see C4 used because people are too busy running their overrated perk heavy classes.

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                  I think the C4 is a same as it was in Black Ops II if not more powerful. The huge difference is spacing. C4 won't be as successful as you're not tossing it into a room which is relative to half the map in size.

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                    I don't believe Flak Jacket in Black Ops II regenerated. You survived one blast and that was it. In Ghosts though it regenerates the same as your health. I've followed people with the Gryphon and got the Blast Shield hit marker twice while chasing him down.

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                      maybe it depends on the mode you play.. i rarely see it in FFA, thats just IED central..  I have see it more with that riot sheild class

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                        I'd say that it's power is in the relative weakness of Blast Shield when compared to Flak Jacket.  I've always found Blast Shield to be weaker than it should be but it is the way the IW likes to make it.  Of course if your opponent throws on Danger Close then you had better be far away from him when his C4 goes off or Blast Shield won't do anything to save you.

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                          Maybe it's Danger Close that I'm seeing all the time. I don't C4 used much as others have said, but when I do it's crazy powerful.

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