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    The c4 is broken, literally


      Can someone explain to me why c4s do no damage whatsoever sometimes?  I'm not even exaggerating when I say 1/5 times I use a c4 it does absolutely nothing.  Just last game, I threw 2 c4s at someone and neither one did anything, even when the other person didn't have blast shield, this broken c4 thing would then go on to happen 5 more times during that game.


      It has nothing to do with lag btw.

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          Been happening for a while since Black Ops 2 at least. The devs don't care enough to fix it, but they'll nerf a balanced gun in a heartbeat because all the little kids cry about it.

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            Perhaps your batch of C4 is defective. Devs put it in to simulate that everything is not always perfect. =P


            Cereal note, I threw C4 behind some guy's buttcheeks (prone stance) and it exploded like a birthday cake, it did nothing. And sometimes the clacker doesnt activate immediately after throwing.