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      Not buying the season pass with Ghosts...not worth it. I spend more and more time finding a game lobby with the hope that there are no retards using hacks. And the franchise can't care less about hacks. They do absolutely nothing to prevent it.  What a ruined game.

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          1. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

          I am so tired of this, this is definitely the last game of the franchise I buy. Yes, I paid $60 for this piece of s.

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            2. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

            me not too, i thought that with the last patch cheaters disappear but after yesterday discovering the cheaters with friendly fire on enemy team, i saw that no.


            Two reason for me to do not buy dlcs:


            - first as a warning for IW to say you are not doing well your work as patching.

            - second, in all cod series in 2nd or 3rd dlc released they sell previous with 50% off, so why must i pay that money for anything that is bugged before release and i will can buy later cheaper?

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              3. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

              I am a UK player and have been playing this game since release and I am yet to find a hacker..


              What are these hacks you talk of, please enlighten me as I am VERY curious to see if they are "hacks" or just annoyed gamers like you making excuses for playing bad.

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                4. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                There is an "all perks" the player starts the game off with all selected perks.

                There is an kill streak hack, it allows you to keep kills earned before being killed, like using support.

                There are to many to mention, you really need to pay attention to what's happening in the game and watch your kill cams.

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                  5. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                  I didn't want to believe it either until I experienced it myself. It only happened to me once since I bought the game, heres what happened. I was playing HCTDM on prison break and I unloaded a full clip into a guy and he just kept coming at me finally killing me. We couldn't shoot the enemy but I did get a kill with my IED and It gave me tons of xp. I went from lvl 53 to prestige 60 in half a match. We immediately left the game and lobby and have not seen that happen since.

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                    6. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                    I encountered the All perks hack, Assault streaks as support, and a guy running around with a laptop. they are extremely rare though.

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                      7. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                      I encountered the assault streaks in the last clan war, when we confronted the guys about he just laughed and promptly left the lobby.

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                        8. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                        LOL.. I am yet to see these hacks and they sound pretty garbage to me.. proof or it didn't happen.


                        The problem with gamers these days is that they always blame the "hacks" even though those "hacks" never happened.


                        I pay very good attention to the game and I feel I think someone is hacking (which I have but turned out they was not) then I would report them but this never happens in my lobbies.


                        I'm assuming your from the US?

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                          9. Re: PLAGUED BY HACKS

                          Yes, I'm in the US. I don't claim hacker just because I get my butt stomped, I pay attention to who gets kill streaks ect... When someone keeps getting assault kill streaks and yet they have many deaths and there are no care packages being dropped, that is a dead give away!

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