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    NAT type Moderate/Open even with NAT TYPE 1 i know i cant be the only one going through this!

      i used to have a NAT type 2 on my console settings but im getting tired of it switching back and forth in-game from moderate to open all the time...i was on the phone all day with AT&T today and my pd4 is now set in DMZ all ports are open and when i do a connection set up and test im running great STATS and i have a NAT type 1....i have no problems playing when im on moderate but its like hit or miss....ill play on open for a few hours go to store and then come back home and its moderate..sometimes ill get moderate for days straight and then i get moderate...its funny cause what ill do is either back out or restart game and then its open...ativision told me that sometimes you have to back out and sign back in for it to "refresh" its connection...im not paying for a static IP as my provider told me i dont need it...i have never had this issue until this game..like i said i can play all day and its fine but it just bothers me lol...im on workers comp awaiting surgery so i have way too much time on my hands and i notice things i never did b4 lol...my service provider told me everything i OPEN and perfect on my end..like i said i can go in and itll be moderate and then back out and go back in and its open...im happy and content that i acheived a NAT type 1 but i just wanna see if everyone else is getting soemthing from time to time...i mean its gotta be something on there servers (playstation told me) even the FRIENDS list isnt updating and this seems to have gotten worse since last patch....one min it tells me i have 20 ppl online and then a few mins later as im backign out and going back in it tells me i have 3 ppl..something just aint right...other wise game is amazing and i love my time with it....