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    what ammon is better in nightfall


      what ammo do you think is better in night fall explosive or armor piercing that will help to take down the breeder in under 5 minutes?

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          I go with explosive

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            This will depend on what type of ammo you would want to use and how you play the game. I like Armor Piercing, Explosive and Incendiary but would always go for AP for those hard to kill Rhinos.

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              Whichever ammo is upgraded using teeth is the way to go. Incendiary has been shown numerically to inflict the most damage with teeth upgrade active.


              This is not a guarantee. With good teamwork, the breeder can be brought down quickly using any ammo type. With bad teamwork, no amount of numerical advantages will help you. My advice, Party up.

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                Dude, Littleweasel It depends on how you play the game and how you do the game. I prefer explosive though since I amnot that good in armor piercing. It all depends in your strategy and game play.

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                  The main thing with the breeder is to knock him over with Venom X and get busy between the eyes and the glowing ribs. You have to make him retreat quickly by getting to half health which is the easy part.


                  After you survive the Rhinos and onslaught of cryptids and he comes back, continue the same method with Venom X, between the eyes and ribs. The most important aspect for the SpeedSlayer achievement is to destroy the regeneration pods or bulbs. Having each player designated to a bulb is your best bet.


                  I've heard armor piercing ammo is the best for the breeder. My problem is getting to the end with that ammo. I prefer explosive or incendiary. Like gramthenOOb stated, teamwork is more important than the ammo, any ammo will work.

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                      There seems to be a pattern among players in Extinction. It probably existed with Zombies, too. Either way, let's see if you think this is reflective of multiplayer ...


                      The pattern that I see occurring is that players want to make the game more complicated than necessary. For example, in Nightfall, players want to argue about the best place to hide from the last breeder.


                      Me - Um ... just run out there and lay into it with your venom X and when you run out of that, lay into them with your other gun(s).


                      CODer - No that's crazy! He will kill you instantly!


                      Me - Um ... you're pretty good at paying attention I see.


                      CODer - Huh?


                      Me - Generally "he's" don't lay eggs.

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                      Awesome dude. You explained it well. Thanks for the ideas that you provided. It's helpful to us. Whatever you prefer to Littleweasel is good as long as you know how to use it and you have your own strategy and styles. See you in game guys!