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        10. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

        Im just saying that those that use the pistols only relic dont care about team play. Extinction is a team game. You do need at least 2 people doing weapon challenges but with the shotgun and sniper rifle sometimes 3 and most people dont want to spend the money to even buy those weapons. Neither do i but completing challenges is important in the early rounds to boost up your abilities. If your using pistols only and going down 3-4 times a game then stop using that relic because you just suck at it. If your going for score then make sure you can handle using the relics that you have on and dont rely on your teammates to bale you out constantly. I shake my head when i hear people using pistols only or earn less cash. Basically you dont care about helping your team if your running those relics. Having a mic is very important because if you need ammo. armor or cash then you need to tell me or my team so we can give it out. I have no problem doing it because i max out cash constantly and dont know what to spend it on.

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          11. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

          So, using your logic, anyone that uses relics ever is not a team player.  That's a bit silly to say.  My friend Invincible_Thor uses 5 relics every game.  He's never played a game without all 5.  He pretty much always gets the top kills in the game (unless I beat him), and always the highest score.  He's awesome.  He's always on the mic directing the team, and he does more than anyone using no relics.


          You don't need more than one person doing the gun challenges.  One person can do them quite easily with team support.  The sniper rifle one in the third area is not really possible to do.  We love games where we get it in the first area so we don't have to worry about hive 10.

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            12. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

            Send me an invite. Gamer tag: d_sublimed_man

            I'm part of a clan Extinction Pros. You can check out my stats in the leaderboards rank 10 I think in high score, rank 53 in overall score, 205 escapes I think. Curious to see how well you game?

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              13. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

              Im legit...My stats speak for themselves. I dont see anyone in the top 500 with challenges per game as high as i do except for like 4 . Hives per game only a few in the top 500 also. Overall my combined stats are better than the top players i play with that are ranked in the top 20. I did not say anyone who uses relics is not a team player. I clearly stated that anyone using pistols and earn less cash are not team players because you are not helping your team at all barely making any money and only using 1 gun so you cant do team challenges. And im sorry to say but not 1 person can handle a weapon challenge by them self  especially if its a shotgun or sniper. LMG and Assault Rifle easy and sub machine gun or pistol but if no one is throwing down boosters or ammo because they are broke how you gonna do the challenges. I did my 5 relics and 4. Never again because it doesnt help everyone else but for you to get a high score.

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                14. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                I do gun challenges all the time by myself.  You're not saying much about your playing skill by admitting you can't do them.  The ONLY one that is a problem is the sniper in the third area (hive 10).  That one can't be done.  Sniper in the first area is a breeze.  Shotguns can be a pain, but again, I can do them myself quite easily.


                There you go again talking about the "per game" stats.  No one cares!!  Your challenges completed per game?  They had better be at 13 or 14 or I'm not interested.... for games you actually completed!  As I said previously, I used to back out of games all the time if we failed the first challenge.  A team that can't complete the first one is not one that I want to spend the next hour with.  Doing this really screwed with my stats though.  For games I actually stay in, my completed challenges would definitely be 13 or 14.  We pretty much complete every challenge every game.  Occasionally, (like the damn hive 10 sniper rifle) will fail a challenge, lowering my average.


                You are saying some ridiculous things, and not helping promote yourself as someone we will want to play with.  Personally, I've lost interest.  I'm sure you could jump in my team and we'd carry you to the finish, which is fine if I'm just going for the escape, but I'm almost always doing high score runs, in which you'd be cut the moment you fail a challenge for us.  I'm pretty picky about who I play with.  Sorry to sound like a prick.... maybe. 

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                  15. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                  Per game stats means more than you think ask anyone that is actually good and people do care thats the first thing they look at when players join a random lobby. And if you where backing out of games then you obviously dont have the skill to stay in a match if the first challenge isnt completed. And i have completed the sniper challenge in the 3rd hive before but it was hard by myself. Im saying alot by my playing skill with the stats i have and its proof that i am actually good at extinction. Im saying ridiculous things thats why i have already been getting friend requests from this post. No one carries me to the finish i carry myself even when i play with 2 of my friends that are ranked in the top 25 in the world on extinction i finish above them and my stats are way higher then theirs. Im picky who i play with too. I look at lobby stats and you have to have a mic to play and i make it clear that you have to do challenges and help each other because it is a team based game. I have said what i needed to say. All i was looking for was good players to play with my stats prove how good i am and since i posted this they are even higher.

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                    16. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                    i LOVE the Pistols only relic!!!!!!!! agree with you on hating the money one though and thats my last one to get activated always. Gonna have to disagree with you on being selfish while using pistols though.... I make my lobbies fully aware before we start what Im using for relics and as such I tell them the search boxes are theirs for the attachments ( not selfish ) and to just let me have a flare or trophy and some semtex's when they are found. Using the 44 mag encourages better aim which translates to less begging for ammo ( not selfish ) , the grach maybe be a badass weapon but it really eats a lot of ammo quickly and the sig and m9 are so-so for my gameplay style. If I get the most kills while using pistols only does that count as selfish and kill hoarding? If I ask for ammo is that selfish and/or hurtful to the team? I would have to go out on a limb here and using your train of thought if I really loved the engineer class I must be selfish by means of kill hoarding since they run traps and get a ton of kills. I run a medic class when not using mortal so possibly I am revive hoarding but that helps the team so its good?  What this boils down to is this and Im not pointing fingers at anyone directly in here or this convo but this is no doubt a team game while not in solo mode and peoples inability to play up to par is where the relic whining comes in, since some people can't handle the fact they lost they need someone to blame and its usually not themselves so they point fingers! I've carried my team to victory quite a few times while running relics and the reactions are funny since a lot of players can't even fathom playing without a "real" gun or class to crutch on or taking more damage or doing less..... Ill say it again and I KNOW it applies to those that use relics after a while 5 relics becomes first nature and your gameplay improves more so than people that refuse to run them ( was that a selfish statement? or an ego feeding one lol ) and weapons challenges..... thats where the majority of my downs come from nowadays since Im training up monsters for those that can shoot with the shotgun or sniper etc..... totally not selfish since I take the hit in the leaderboards for downs and lose out on a portion of 15-25 kills ( less $$$ for me.... not selfish ) And when I am the only one doing a weap challenge guess what,  when I hammer it out I tell my teammates that they can kill off the rest just to earn some money and kills for that drill cycle ( not selfish )


                    Thinking about it I can tell you how to be a selfish prick in game cuz I have seen it..... Run weap spec as your class, get an LMG upgrade your vulture and throw a riot on your back.... be sure to set all the traps at the start of every round first.... always have your vulture up and that riot shield??? stand in front of your teammates sentry and watch the bullets go everywhere but at the aliens while you shoot the **** outta everything around you...... selfish? yup and I blocked that prick so he'll never make it into one of my games again

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                      17. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                      Before running your mouth about how good you think you are post your stats and i can guarantee you they are not even close to mine. Jesus all i wanted was good players to play with. But everyone wants to talk sh_t. And yes i will say it again. Your not helping your team by using pistols only and earn less cash relics. I have to thrown down 3x as much armor, ammo, and sentry guns because the person using those relics cant make enough cash to help the team and only them self. If you want to use those relics good for you but most people dont want you in the lobby because you go down too much and we have to cover your ass the whole game while you work on getting a high score instead of helping your team play the objective.

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                        18. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                        Nah.  You're wrong.  Sorry bud. 

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                          19. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                          First of all, I look to see their highest score in a game, and how many times they went down doing it.  If it's decent, I'll check to see how many platinum escapes they have.  Average per game?  Never.  It's a useless stat.  I want to know how they are at their best.  What they are capable of.  Not what their average is, which is significantly brought down when they jump into games with noobs.  Use your head.


                          Out of curiosity, what is your highest score in a round, and how many downs? 

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