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        20. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

        The people using 5 relics share MORE and do more than those without relics.

        That's from my own experience of witnessing people use 5 relics, and when I use 5.


        To say that they are greedy or selfish, and certainly not a team player, is ridiculous. If I use 5 relics, and we get a gun challenge. Lets say I have no flare, I have nothing else to help the person or people doing the challenge, I will knife the enemies (especially scouts) once. This way it benefits us all. It injures the scout, meaning less bullets to kill it for the challenge, meaning more enemies can be killed. Team work I would say that is. Secondly that benefits me because I get what, 25 cash for knifing it.


        Which in turn helps the team too. Because I always upgrade ammo + team boosters when I use 5 relics. Meaning, I will get more money. Which means I will throw down more ammo, and make sure there are boosters.

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          21. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

          lol "I bet my stats are better". Maybe yours are much better, and higher than mine.

          Doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. That's been proven with everything you have said about people using relics. Idiot.

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            22. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

            Typically, if I'm using 5 relics I won't be the ammo guy.  I usually prefer boosters.  However, as I know I'm burning through ammo quicker than anyone else while using the automatic pistol, every time I get $1700, I'll drop down money for the guy throwing ammo.  I always keep the $700 so that I can throw boosters again when they run out.  It happens all the time where someone calls for boosters, feral, ammo, whatever, and we get the response, "I don't have enough money".  People need to play smarter, and always keep enough money on them to throw whatever they are in charge of in a hurry.  I hate running out of ammo and they guy in charge doesn't have enough money, so I have to drop some, wait for him to pick it up, then throw the ammo, then me pick it up.  It takes way too long, so I try to supply them as often as I can.  I'm a team player.    5 relics does NOT mean the opposite.

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              23. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

              I get so frustrated with joining teams that can't complete challenges and are not team players.  I will leave these games immediately when I get frustrated, thus my average score lowers.  It means nothing.  Doesn't make me any less of a player, so this guy is a moron.  Just yesterday, I waited until the first barrier hive to leave.  By that point I was so frustrated.  This is basically what happened:  I told them right off the start that I'm the ammo guy, so don't bother upgrading it.  The hive begins and I throw fully upgraded ammo.  30 seconds later someone throws ammo...not upgraded at all.  Shortly after that, someone throws more ammo, 2x upgraded.  I'm yelling at the morons to drop me the cash rather than throwing the ammo.  That pissed me off to no end.  As well, I was dropping money for them any time I had extra during the hive, and I'd see all three little vultures running to grab it before someone else could.  Why the ****?!  It wasn't about who needed it.  They just all really wanted it.  Omg.  I called them a bunch of useless morons, and left the game.

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                24. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                You gotta love the people who grab dropped money when they have 6k already. People are just selfish.

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                  25. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                  One of the geniuses I played with yesterday decided to use team explosives, upgrade them twice, then throw them down constantly rather than dropping some cash for me (which I kept asking for) so I could supply ammo and boosters.  Idiot.  The moron was even throwing them down between hives just to burn what cash he had.  Omg.  Then, of course, this retard caused us to get a bronze escape.  I knew it was coming.  We hit the nuke and he fell off the edge immediately.  fml

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                    26. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                    I never back out never had to because i can still beat the game even with noobs i just have to carry them and if they have a mic most will listen and learn so they know how to play because no one likes playing with players who havent escaped. You obviously back out without even giving the game a chance or the people your playing with. The first challenge can be lost a lot especially if its take no damage and you get hit without knowing it. Ohh well many more challenges to complete and 1 challenge isnt gonna ruin the whole game.So if your the type of player backing out then your not a team player at all and most people wont even play with you. AND PER GAME STATS MEANS EVERYTHING because it proves how good you are even with noobs or randoms Same as in Multi player where i post 4.26 K/D ratio in Team Deathmatch and most will just back out thinking im hacking because they are scared. My highest score in Extinction 413668 with 5 relics and only 1 down. Updated stats and i always run with 2 or 3 relics because its just so easy now. GAMES PLAYED 121, SCORE per game 202878, KILLS 250.67 per game, HIVES 12.41 per game, REVIVES 0.76 per game, DOWNED 1.45 per game, CHALLENGES COMPLETED 8.68 per game, CASH FLOW 20, ESCAPES 76 > 52 Platinum, 16 Gold, 2 Silver, and 6 Bronze. STATS mean alot ask any good player in the world and they will confirm that. If your backing out just means you cant handle a challenge of not getting all your skill points which i never even use anyway.

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                      27. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                      Well, based on that score, I'd be backing out of the lobby with you.  413k is a terrible score.  Not someone I'd want to play with.


                      "you get hit without knowing it".  This can be helped by opening your eyes, and not standing in one place while shooting.  You are a noob in denial.  Face it:  You are ****.

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                        28. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                        The worst kind of n00bs are the ones that think they're good players.

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                          29. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                          DeadStar7 i just looked at your average score per game and its only 100000 and you have 340 games played. WEAK!!  I want to know what the rest of your stats are before you keep talking Sh_t. And i will post them because you shouldnt even be responding to this post if you dont have a clue on how to play.

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