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    im noticing ALOT of people having NAT type issues on GHOST but nothing wrong on other COD games

      ive been writing things asking people if theyve been having NAT issues  (look at my previous aritcles) but im noticing alot of people only having MODERATE on this game and OPEN on everything else...i played all day today on open and day by day it changes..moderate and open...if i back out and go back in it changes to open..even when im on moderate it plays almost flawless...i read an article about black ops giving out false NATS when they were really open....maybe the same with this game...i have a NAT type 1 on my ps4 settings its set in dmz however im not paying for a static ip..my ISP even told me i dont need it cause my NAT type is 1 anyways...its wierd too cause i tried playing before when PSN was down and it was giving me a MODERATE reading,...went back on later when PSN was fully back on and it was OPEN so i dont think its only on our end either...someone from ativision also told me that if i back out to main menu then go back to MP it can "refresh" the reading and change the NAT...i jusgt think its weird cause im noticing people across platforms saying that this is the only game doing this to them as well..all my ports are fowarding as well...anyone else ?

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          Re: im noticing ALOT of people having NAT type issues on GHOST but nothing wrong on other COD games

          When UPNP is enabled in your router and PS4 is put in to DMZ [DMZ is key!] NAT type should always be Open [unless your ISP has restrictions in place or uses CGNAT].  As you said, sometimes you need to back out the game and go back in for it to refresh.


          Have had some PS Chat Party issues in the past when PS4 was not in DMZ, where party chucks you out and states there's a NAT problem...


          Your NAT type will most likely be moderate/strict if -

          1. you do not have the PS4 in DMZ.

          2. Your upload and download bandwidth is too low

          3. Your MTU is set too low [set it to 1500 ADSL and 1492 for PPOE... Automatic usually works fine]

          3. Wireless connection [possibly] rather than wired.

          4. 3G/4G/Sat/MiFi connection [Cr*p for gaming]

          5. Piggy backing neighbours' connection! [nobody does that tho!!]

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