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    Now Accepting Lieutenant Applications. [XBOX 1] CLAN: XMADE FOR WARX now RECRUITING! APPLY NOW!


      Ever wanted to be a Lieutenant of a good clan? Well we are now accepting lieutenant position players.

      - Must have +1.5K/D +2.0W/L


      -Good at recruiting

      Gold Clan Tags next Level up! Yippie!!

      If your looking for any of the following please apply

      -help Unlock NEW GEAR

      -by playing with other members to raise K/D and W/L %

      -Compete in clan wars

      - or just kick ass

      Interested in merging your clan? Send me a message

      Think you have what it takes to be a Lieutenant?

      New clan looking for good active gamers prefer with mics but not a requirment. Looking to build clan up quickly so please apply or message me on Xbox Live: IAmDrrunnmk.

      xMade For Warx

      K/D 1.16


      K/D 1.55

      W/L 2.5

      How To Contact?

      Either apply to the "xMade For Warx" clan on the COD app or send me (IAmDrrunnmk) a message on here or xbox one.