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    wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

      i can remember times on cod ive got high scores in snd!!!

      Many times when i do very good. eg... 9--3, 13-1, 16-5, -7-1, 14-1. The host dasboards and the game ends!. i remember these scores because its not that easy in snd! The host dashboards and no xp for me. i get a random loss added to my W/L.wtf. plz fix this!   

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          1. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

          Stop caring about stats and its fixed instantly. I really wish the stats would be removed, imho it would improve the game so much.

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            2. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

            To be fair to him it is nice to have structure and a comparison between players, all sports and activities have some sort of league table.

              It is frustrating when you keep getting dropped in and out of games at random due to dashboarders and I don't think there is any problem with caring about stats. Why not stop keeping score at a football match? would that improve the game, or would it just be a load of pointless bo###cks?

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              3. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

              That doesn't change that dashboarding is the issue. Working on operations, clan wars, or improving personal stats Just to have it erased towards the end of the match can be frustrating.The op should not have to change his view on it due to people the can't play the game (dashboarders ) . Especially when there is an option to back out right there on the menu .

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                4. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                Your comparing apples to oranges, COD is not nor has it ever been a sport. From one who never looks at stats and has no need to justify my gameplay based on stats, I can guarantee you they have no real role in the game.

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                  5. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                  i just want to finish my games. what is the point of spending 7 mins for no exp. it was a fun game but obviously i'd like my reward at the end.

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                    6. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                    I completely disagree with you. Do you think it is fair to deny people the right to care about stats,  if that is their wish,  because they keep having their stats sabotaged by selfish people?

                    Whether you like them or not is of not relevance to this discussion, there are many people who do like them and they are having their experience spoiled by others, therefore it is a problem and warrants discussion as to how it can be fixed.

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                      7. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                      My point was the root of the dashboarding is protecting ones stats. Now I guess if thats the only reason to play a COD game then ok I can see how stats might be important. For me its not why I play COD, its win or lose, match is done, on to the next. I am simply offering my opinion, nothing more, if thats not relevent enough for you, sorry.


                      @OP As for losing XP, yes I agree thats a pain in the arse, luckily this isn't the case every match.

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                        8. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                        dashboarding is prolific in this game

                        i always presumed it was something like 20-30% of people in cod


                        but in reality its more like 80-90% of people are dashboarders


                        I pull host a good 90% of the time and this game has shocked me

                        how many people dashboard this game


                        It doesnt even matter theyr stats even 0.4 k/d players do it


                        its a joke


                        theyr stats for the game need to be reported back by the host and counted

                        and maybe even give them double deaths to encourage them to stay


                        e.g. you dashboard going 6 for 39

                        game ends and host reports stats back to the stats server

                        you get 78 deaths for that game job done dashboarding fixed


                        we had a game the other day and i played it back on my pc

                        and counted

                        we had 42 people join though the game and 39 of them dashed


                        think about that

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                          9. Re: wtf dashboarders!!!!!!!!!

                          The best solution would be to remove stats completely people then may actually try and have some fun with the game instead of taking it so seriously, another option which would work slightly is remove an overall K/D & W/L stat and only have stats when you click onto specific game modes, weapons etc.

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