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    Nerf AR's

      I think you should nerf AR's so they would be more equal with SMG's so with eSports rules you could use Stalker. ATM they're pretty damn overpowered at long range versus SMG's. Like in BO2 at medium range, M8 and MSMC were perfectly balanced.

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          1. Re: Nerf AR's

          Buff your game, stop nerfing ours.


          ARs do just what they are supposed to.

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            2. Re: Nerf AR's

            I think this was the funniest thread in a long while... because I really think this yutz is serious... nerf assaults... this guy is smoking something powerful lol

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              3. Re: Nerf AR's

              Why would AR's get nerfed... If you think it's easier to win a gun fight with an AR than start using AR's... I get melted by MTAR's all the damn time... People ***** about getting killed with snipers and LMG's and now AR's need to be nerfed? Holy hell... it doesn't matter what people are getting killed with, they will ***** if they aren't winning gun fights.

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                4. Re: Nerf AR's

                Exactly. The sad part is, they listen to these crybabies if they scream loud enough. The merging has already begun.

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                  5. Re: Nerf AR's

                  This wasn't me whining about me not winning gunfights. If you idiots have ever watched some MLG, then you know Stalker is banned because that makes AR's overpowered versus SMG's, why wouldn't they be balanced?

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                    6. Re: Nerf AR's

                    You call us idiots? And then expect us to listen to your argument?


                    Yeah, not going to happen.

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                      7. Re: Nerf AR's

                      I'm sorry... you're complaining because Stalker gives you the ability to run around with an AR and aim down sights and move quickly, thus putting it on the same playing level as SMG's? Because SMG's do this without taking up a perk slot... It honestly doesn't matter which gun you use in Ghosts, it takes 3-5 bullets to kill your enemy no matter what.

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                        8. Re: Nerf AR's

                        ARs are meant to eat SMGs at range. You trade off movement speed for increased range.

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                          9. Re: Nerf AR's

                          I liked your post because ppl who wear helmets and lick windows make me smile.

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