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    Friend code

      Anybody can add my code here 311781666073   - Name is pretty nice and simple: Jesse


      I'd also be interested in playing some more tactical modes, as it appears very few play those nowadays. Thanks!

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          Re: Friend code

          I'll add you, add me as I'd like to try some of the other game modes


          Older UK gamer here.  Mostly play early Saturday and Sunday mornings (0700 - 1000 GMT)

          friend code:3205 1399 5495

          game tag: Gen_Nollige

          level: 55 (do I prestige? )

          map: downpour & wet work

          weapon: AK47 & P90 (+silencer)

          perk: sleight of hand

          team death match

          Don't glitch

          Don't hack

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