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    Do you think this is cheap?

      I was playing a free for all game on flooded and I ran into a corner camper down in the parking garge part of the map. More specifically I ran into his IED.  I respawned not to far away from where he was so I decided to go back and clean him out.  When I got close I pulled my pistol and threw a concussion grenade around the corner.  I flanked him and one shotted him in the head with my magnum ending the problem.



      Well, about 2 minutes later I rounded the same area and found myself the victim of another IED.  I survived the blast, but I got hosed down by my friend who decided he was going to camp in the same corner again.  Apon respawning I decided it was personal and I was getting him out of that corner.  I made my way back across the map and got close to where he was camping again. However, I had already expended my two concussion grenades and my caniseter bomb crossing the map. Luckily I had a MAAWS support streak. So, I ripped that out and rounded the corner. I couldn't remember whether or not he had blast shield so I fired both rockets to make sure he didn't survive.  Afterwards I got quite the yelling at about how cheap that was and that I was a chump noob.



      Following up in the direction our conversation went. I am posting this story on the forums to find you whether or not the community as a whole things using a MAAWS launcher this way is cheap or not.  I am ommitting his name and username as is common with the forums ediquete.  So let us know what you think.