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    Starting New Clan - Need Leaders!

      Hey there everyone!


      I'm looking to start a new COD Ghosts clan with anyone interested in helping out and joining. The name will be Team Novus. My goals for this clan are listed below, and will take time to achieve. If you are interested in this and want to help the clan reach these goals, then please contact noV Solaris on Xbox LIVE, or reply to this thread:




      • Create visually appealing and socially interactive website
      • Strengthen member base with both casual gamers and competitive gamers
      • Get our name into the competitive gaming world
      • Gamertag/ID changes will be optional (noV [Gamertag or ID here])
      • Create a community that is known for respect and self discipline
      • Create alliances with other clans/gaming communities


      Those are the most important of the many goals that I have. It will take teamwork to reach these goals, and I hope those that read this are of the ambitious type. Let me know if you are interested!