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    Quality over Quantity or Quantity over Quality?


      This post is not meant to make fun of or offend anybody.  I wanted to start a discussion and get various view points on the matter.


      With the launch of clan wars, we have seen clans grow to crazy sizes...solely to win the war.  We have seen the roster booting  (before roster locks), etc etc.  We have seen all the ways around things.


      What I am curious about, is why do clans look for 'quality or quantity' when it comes to the clan wars specifically?


      I see all these clans proudly claiming we have 40+ members and level 19 - diamond/platinum, etc.  Then I look at my roster of 7 people...with 5 actually active and no more than 4 every competing at the same time during a war.  Yet we have still successfully achieved platinum/diamond division, won 3 wars - came in top 3 in the rest.  AND we are level 18. 


      I am just curious...what is the motivation behind having all the players in the world on your team...when really, small teams can compete with quality members along side and do just fine.  I could never imagine being on a large team.....to many people that are not skilled, annoying, not active...you do not form a bond.  I guess I am a bit biased, considering I have been on the same team for over 7 years and have never grew past 15 members (now never larger than 9).  We are very selective when we recruit...certain skill level, age, communication, etc etc etc. 


      I would like to see a discussion going on as to what you prefer and why....quality or quantity or vice versa...or a mix of both?

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          I personally prefer quality over quantity. My clan is currently has 6 members, but one is not active so he may get booted soon. I prefer to have 6 members at least with good skill level who are active.

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            And now you see a lot of clans cutting players for not being active to make them more competitive. My clan has been 10 members or less pretty much since mw3. When we recruit I put out a specific recruitment thread so it may take awhile but for the most part it works because they know what we are looking for ( kd has never been involved ). But each person has there own reason for creating or joining a clan. For the larger clans that can maintain a high level of active members and keep coordinated hats off to them. For us it is more important that you fit in with the group, can you tell a bad joke, everyones score counts and no free rides.

            This has been very successful for us since mw3, bo2 , and now ghosts. Won all of our clan wars to date one gold the rest platinum , and going to give diamond a go next time.

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              When we played our first clan war we had 15 members only 7-9 of those actually contributed, so next clan war I cut back to 9 and we did much better because of the group we placed in, now we've just gone back upto 15 because of a merger and all members have been warned if they are inactive they will be kicked, I prefer players who want to contribute instead of a free ride.

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                My clan used to have around 100 members, we are a little over half of that now. The larger clan really hurt us as many were inactive.  If you have a larger clan and want to do well you need to make sure you are only bringing in good players that can win. If you bring in just anyone it can really hurt you in the clan wars. We have yet to make it into Gold which kinda surprises me but I think most of that is because of the larger clan and having a variety of skilled players (some more casual than others).  IMO - If you want to be truly competitive, only bring on the good players and keep the clan size down (or at least only with active members).

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                  I can tell you this from my personal experience being a clan leader for 3 years. My clan is a 3 time max level clan ( level 50 on MW3 , BO2 and level 25 on Ghosts ) Quality over Quantity for sure. All 3 times we have achieved Max level for all 3 games has been done with less than 25 people. On Ghosts we have won all 6 clan wars ranked number 1 in each of them.


                  I am not stating the above to show off, just want to show you that quality out  performs quantity all day long.


                  I have several clan leaders on my friends list and from to time we talk. I keep getting asked, how did your clan reach max level with so few people in your clan. My answer has always been, how is it your clan has 3 times the people I have and you haven't reached Max level. Something to think about right?

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                      Great post mwfan55.  Let me ask you this, why do you have 25 people or a bit less on your team?  What made you decide to have that large of a team?  See when I view a big clan, I think immediately 15 plus members.  To me, small clans are under 10 people. 


                      I am still very impressed with my team able to pull out wins with 4 active players MAX...usually only 2 people during clan wars.  So I am struggling to understand how teams with mass amount of people are still only the same level as my team for example....and not fully maxed out yet, or darn close to it.  Comes down to the quality of players.  You see constant mass posts of clans looking for people for the next war, KD doesn't matter, mic doesn't matter and whatever other things they post. 

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                          A few things make you level up faster and some clan members don't really help out much as they aren't doing one of the 3 items below:


                          1) Teamwork - You must have 2 or more members in a game lobby. If your members aren't playing together or your clan is split up amongst a variety of platforms (resulting in fewer people you can team up with) then you aren't earning the Clan XP.


                          2) Winning - Some clans have a much lower W/L ratio and this leads to only getting a portion of the Clan XP that you would normally get if you were winning


                          3) Winning Clan Wars - There is a huge Clan XP boost for winning a clan war. This has not been well documented but if you win one you will get a good boost.


                          I have 50 members in my clan but we are spread out with about 40% on Xbox One, 40% on Xbox 360, and 10% on PS4. This fragmentation is hurting our clan more than anything and is something I look to rectify at some point.

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                        Definitely quality, i've been in three clans... one started off with around 20 members, but before the first Clan War kicked off it had jumped over 80 and it was because the guy in charge had made quite a few people LTCMDR's and they were just adding people with good K/D's or friends, but the people were never active, so we'd be facing a fully active clan with 85 members all playing and there would only be about 20 of us trying to stop it and it was just stupid. Eventually it broke up due to that, the next one I joined was very small, they were good guys but not the greatest players.


                        Third time around someone i'd met in the original Clan was setting up a new clan, so I joined him... we don't have 'testing' but we add good players who want to play during Clan Wars and who want to win it, the first Clan War we were in we walked off with it about 500 points ahead. In the latest Clan War which was only our second we had added a couple more guys and many of them turned out to be inactive again it was annoying, we still won but only just and it was only about 6 people in our Clan who carried the team through it. Since then we've again stripped the clan down to basically what it was so that it won't happen again, as far as I can tell we won't be recruiting anyone unless they are dedicated to going for the win. We actually added one or two people during the last one to help cap a few nodes and booted them as soon as we were done... Kind of cruel but it was what we needed and they only joined because they wanted to earn camo. I think that the clan i'm in though should do pretty well on the next one since we've thinned out a lot of people since a lot of our guys aren't only good, but they also play frequently... On top of that some of them know what should be done in terms of how we should capture and when we should capture nodes.