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        10. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

        cranium2001 wrote:


        I played the Alpha. The controls are very cod like. It actually feels like a cod game in that aspect unlike other fps games (think Killzone). I'm not usually much for spacey otherworld type games but I'm buying this one and giving Respawn a shot.

        I would as well

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          11. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

          You work for these guys or were part of the design? I am very surprised they allowed a non developer or employee be part of the alpha testing. Beta I can see but that is almost unheard of at the alpha level.

          Most proprietary software companies would never even allow non employess on the same floor as developers.

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            12. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

            Sparta KICK

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              13. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

              I hope these arent the final graphics, seems MW2 ish. World at War had more environmental aspects then this does.

              I like the cloak feature, BO2 should have done something like that since it is set in the future. I agree with what someone wrote about it looking like Halo. Never understood why Halo MP had guns when you could run across a map while getting shoot and still punch them to death before you died.

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                14. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                I don't have an XB1 and I was planning on picking one up for this game, but I have changed my mind.  It doesn't seem all that appealing for a lot of the reasons he mentioned.


                First, the computer AI being that absolutely terrible.  Could you imagine IW tossing in three bots on each team for the big maps like Stonehaven?  It would be an absolute clusterf...  Isn't the number one reason we all play mulitplayer is to play against other players?  It adds that level of unpredictability.  I look at Squads mode in this game (I haven't touched it) and wonder how much of a success it was since there was no appeal to me?  For him to be able to run around and kick five to six bots in a row just seems like the complete opposite of fun.  We all love X-Mas and the fact that Santa delivers us our X-Mas noobs, but that footage was just plain terrible.


                Two, I don't think you can strike an even balance between the Titans and players for the map size.  That map looked like it was 10X the size of Stonehaven.  There are plenty of structures to engage in combat in, but once you have 8+ Titans on the map, why go outside in the open at all?


                I do agree with a lot of the other comments in this thread, let's hope the 'whiners' jump on the bandwagon and spent their time over there.

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                  15. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                  I read somewhere today that it was only running at 792p and they were hoping to push it to 900p before too long.

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                    16. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                    yuck! I figured that when i saw a few stalks of grass and some 2D flowers in that one shot cutting behind the generator. Heck prison break has pretty good graphics. Ryse has some great environments. Looked like real grass, it was think and such.

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                      17. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                      No, not an employee or designer. Just lucky I guess. I still have it on my dashboard even though you can't do anything on it now. Its definitely different from the usual. Its not really halo and its not cod. Like I said, cod like controls but a little spacey. Im sure I'm not the only one on here who had access.

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                        18. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                        They had to have done some research on the COD forums and realized how OP grass is in Ghosts and toned it down a bit for Titanfall.  They didn't want the whiners coming out and complaining how OP it is again.

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                          19. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                          Moved to the off topic sub-forum.

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