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        20. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

        That's OnlyUseMeBlade, got YT famous for only stabbing folks, I enjoy his vids for the most part. He has been very down on Ghosts.


        But he brought up a lot of the issues that has had me disinterested in Titanfall from the get go. The game play itself looks smooth, but I think perhaps they over-thought it. I think it will get boring quickly. I don't like the AI element of it. I hate the Halo look of the characters. It almost seems too controlled for an MP game.


        I may rent it to see how I like it, but like Blade it just doesn't look like a game I'd enjoy.

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          21. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

          i will buy it, why not variety is the spice of life.


          though i am a bit turned off from the si-fi aspect. i never liked halo and i hated fps for the most part (more of a rpg gamer). but i will give it a honest try, but i will likely go back to cod, like all the other cod killers <cough homefront cough>

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            22. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

            I really loved homefront. I feel like I should be ashamed.

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              23. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

              oh i couldnt stand it, though i didnt reallly give it a fair shot i played almost 18 hours is all. i also not a fan of battle field eather

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                24. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                I havent been blown away by it like the hype said I would be. Its a mesh of Unreal Tournament Mech Assault and COD, and more like COD than anything, obviously. I don't understand why there are bots running around giving people free kills. And its MP only, which I think is a waste of potential, it could have established a legendary campaign, rivaling Halo.

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                  25. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                  It looks nice. The interaction between humans and titans is a nice change from regular shooters.

                  I'm gonna get it.


                  And I'm not really into sc-fi stuff. For example I can't stand halo mp. (Got the campaigns in co-op with a friend)

                  Maybe because I've played a mech game something like 14 years ago. Can't remember which one

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                    26. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                    My bro sent me Titanfall beta code. One of the benefits of him going to uni and not having an xbox. I guess it was kinda a valentines gift to me, lols.\

                    Loving the interface. You get a tutorial. You get told what server you are on. Sadly for me, South East Asia {150ms} - showing two bar in lobby.  I'm having fun with this even though I totally suck.

                    Went into the game thinking - "I was never a Halo fan,, probably not going to enjoy this" - alas, at the moment I am.

                    I don't think it will take over Cod as my personal liking. But, It's nice to enjoy.

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                      27. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                      I finally got my beta code last night. Maybe I can invite you into an American lobby? Not sure. I still have to put the code in when I get home.

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                        28. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                        Sure - I'm now your friend via Xbox. Just started playing..........I sooo suck. PS do the tutorial

                        I am very much a lone wolf because I have no rl friends that are gamers, But, I'd gladly set up the mic to play with a fellow OT.

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                          29. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                          You bet. I did the tutorial during the alpha and that's as far as I got. It will be refreshing to try something new. I know newm8n is trying to get a code as we speak (type).

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