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    You guys owe us...!

      Ok, here's the skinny, I think you guys should give us a full week of Double XP for this screw up. We shell out a ton of money for these games and we expect it to work and play without this many problems. I can understand if the problems are on our end, like internet interruptions etc...but this one is on you guys, so how bout it...?


      Everyone should hit them up on twitter @InfinityWard

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          Pretty sure this is against the rules for something along the lines of 'inciting a riot' or 'creating a disturbance'. How about double weapon xp? Oh wait.

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            totally agree and the worst thing is activision and iw acts like it is ms problem

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              i agree with this and they need to make is extinktion and multiplayer

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                Im still not experiencing these problems your speaking of..??

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                  I haven't been able to play for a month now, call of duty support is either unresponsive or useless, this game is a joke and they defiantly not only owe us something but need to fix this problem. it has said "call of duty ghost server is not available" and I know there's other people playing it right now. I wouldn't be so mad if they would at least address the issue and not keep telling me to restart my modem smh

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                    It's hard to take anyone serious that says "hit them up".

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                      This game is way more functional than bf4. Granted this is my first CoD title, but it easily has less lag. Idk why y'all drop shot though. But i am very excited to get use to the dynamics of this game!!!

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                        I came here to ask if it was worth buying COD Ghost, i did the same for battlefield 4.

                        Only they managed to keep the crap fest quiet enough for me to not know how broken and bad it was until after my bundle purchase.

                        By then it was to late allthough luckily xbox gave me a ref number and the company i bought the bundle through discounted me 10% off the bundle, i have ghost on 360 that was bad enough and as of late im bored and was contemplating XB1 version i think ill pass one way or another though i have spent way to much money on stuff that shouldnt even be on the shelfs by these people.

                        When i say these people i refer to EA / Activision etc, the devs have a job to do making the game making sure it works understandable you want them the creators to fix it.

                        But ultimately the push for release cause they want the money are the actual corperations, and tbh after BF4's faux pas, ill be hard pressed to even bother looking at titanfall as its by EA.

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                          You guys are too dramatic. A new console=problems. Do you not remember what it was like with the 360? Give it time and it will get better. How about you create a videogame and make it with no problems

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                              COD officially DOA as of 2-14-14.  Titanfall beta is already leagues ahead of the last 6 cods.  I'm sorry but when multiplayer worked on COD 4 I am not exactly sure why you guys completely made it progressively worse every year thereafter.  Thanks for keeping lag comp in all these years so I can get shot around corners.  No more an issue..... until ea screws up titanfall. lol  PS I will buy the next cod that has Zombies, and Extinction is awesome.

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                                Fail to understand why a new console should equal problems..

                                I mean, it has been 8 years since they released the 360, which they rushed to bring out 3 years after they created the original xbox, although i suppose it's to be expected from microsoft.


                                Still, nothing wrong with showing a company hate for under performing, overpricing etc.


                                iamyourfather wrote:

                                How about you create a videogame and make it with no problems

                                Give me the $1Billion Black ops 2 made in 14 days, their staff, office building etc & I'll make it. Promise.(Its actually a good deal, considering they made waaaay more.)