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    Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

      Are you serious? After everyone has complained that we went from 10 class slots to 6 which isnt even a class for each weapon type now it looks like the ability to go to 10 is part of a DLC pack!!

      Please tell me they are not this clueless!!! I for the first time see what some people have been saying!!

      I defend this game all the time in general but to take away functionality that was standard in other games and charge to get it back. Please tell me NO!!

      Someone please tell me the extra slot is a free download and I didnt just see the begining of the end of COD for me.


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          1. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

          Yeah, they have become gold diggers riding the franchise into the ground for $$$. It is a business but PR is a huge part of a business and if you are perceived negatively, that will hurt your business eventually.


          Also, if these are real, why the hell are they going for these terrible camos again? I thought they were obnoxious in BO2 but now IW is on the bandwagon. Great. .


          Many make fun of IW for the "fish AI comments" they made pre-launch and look, they have a fish camo!!! HAHA. You can't make this stuff up! Oh the irony.


          I enjoy Ghosts but they have to stop this appease the child stance in a shooter. The camos should be realistic not a side show.

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            2. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

            Next time there will be only two CC slots. Additional four CC slots can be had for $5. If you want a total of 10 CC slots, you will have to buy two packs of it  for a total of $10.

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              3. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

              yup I have always said it is a business and they should be able to make money. Heck I posted something like that in another post just today about camos BUT like you said, taking something out and limiting game play and then charging to put it back?! that is just BAD customer service and business.

              Heck I'm the one that has been complaining that they made a bad choice removing any functionality in a next gen game. If anything they should have given MORE classes and had the ability to change squadmates in game!

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                4. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                Or even worse, each prestige is 10 bucks......


                I hope I didn't just give them ideas!

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                  5. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                  Been saying this from day 1.


                  I wish there was some gaming ethics board that could help regulate this industry. I understand that this is a product and the company has a right to do what they want, but the problem with nickle and dimeing the community is that many don't realize how much money they're investing into something until it's too late. You start forking out 50 for the Season Pass, 5 for this skin, 5 for that skin, 10 for some extra custom classes. It adds up and next thing you know you've spent $150 on a game that you're only going to play for a year and then you're off to do it all over again the next title.


                  Even worst is how, as you said, a lot of this use to be a standard. There's actually laws against retailers doing similar things like taking standard features and making them "extras". I'm curious to see if there's any transparencies. I was beyond upset when i found that a lot of features were tucked away on the original disc version of the game only to be released later as DLC. No doubt it was a last minute decision for making some extra profits. That's incredibly deceitful.


                  I'd like to see someone of influence lay some heavy pressure on Activision for these kinds of unethical practices. It's one thing to have DLC, it's completely different to sell standard features as add-ons or release a vanilla version of the game with every intention of releasing all the "cool" stuff as DLC. It's just disrespectful.

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                    6. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                    OR do like BO2, Use prestige points to unlock them but then give you the option to also buy them half way through the year after you spent your prestige points on unlocking them.

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                      7. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                      My son is 14 and mentioned a few days ago 'dad have you ever thought about between all the consoles weve bought and games and dlc and xbox live how much we have actually spent on xbox the last 4 years'.

                      Needless I started drinking that night and didnt stop until I couldnt do math any longer!


                      What pisses me off the most about what you are saying is that this wasnt even another 360 game. This is their first next gen COD title AND it lost functionality!

                      Someone should do a poll to keep this in their faces on the forum.

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                        8. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                        They gave you 60 available slots from day one.


                        What is the issue again?


                        If you don't want them, you don't have to get them.

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                          9. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                          Exactly Drew, well said! I was stupid enough to buy some of the camos in blops 2 but never again. Space cats?! Ducky?! Someone at IW must have dived into the shallow end of the pool and cracked their head of the bottom to think anyone will buy those. The only one that anyone probably will buy is Capt Price pack.

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