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    Wayward Assassins *NEW CLAN* [PS3/PS4][18+]

      Wayward Assassins Clan




      Tired of playing alone? Sick of clan dictatorships? Just want to make a few friends?

      You've found the right clan for you!



      We're just starting new and we're looking for active, fun people to come join us and build a community!



      From regular casual players, all the way up to leadership positions, we need people like you to step up and become a part of the clan we're trying to make!



      What can we offer you?

      - Active leadership

      - Fully functioning website, with forum and chat room

      - Close nit community where you can be yourself

      - A kick-ass clan for pub stomping!



      So don't wait anymore, come by and check us out!




      PS4 - PS3 - 18+