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    Another type of teammate/enemy glitch [PS4]

      Well the other day I encountered a glitch where just one of my teammates was shown as an enemy (orange name, not on minimap, aim assist). This was in a domination game.

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          Re: Another type of teammate/enemy glitch [PS4]

          Hey matuzz,


          Thanks for letting us know, the studios are aware of the issue and it is still being looked into. Unfortunately, I don't have any details or updates about the issue. I believe we've gathered this information from your previously, but if not, can you please let us know:

          • Gamertag:
          • Gametype:
          • Private/public match:
          • Does this happen every game?
          • Anything unusual about the game other than the issue described?
          • Approx. date/time of last occurrence?

          That would apply to future users experiencing this issue, please answer the questions above.




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