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    Forum Crybabies are Ruining these Forums!!!

      To all the Forum Crybabies out there this is for you… If can’t play and enjoy the game because someone camped then quit playing the game and stop crying in the forums…These needless rants about this play style versus the next are sooooooo old!!! It’s always the same…You camp because you suck or you run around like a chicken with your head cut off…Those types of posts are worthless…Why not post something useful…like, good weapon setups for different game modes…or what are some of the better perks to use when playing a particular game mode…but noooo….we end up with whiney rants…similar to this one I might add… LOL!!!


      It doesn’t matter to my team or me if you want to camp or run…We play to win!!! Winning the match is what makes the game fun for us. There’s no rule book on how someone is supposed to play Call of Duty during an online multiplayer match. So, if I’m playing HC TDM and it’s a nice big map then I’m going camp and work on building up my kill streaks so I can get as many kills as I can to help win the match. If I’m playing HC Domination I will be the first one to the B flag while the rest of my team caps A or C. I don’t care if I’m 40 and 41 as long as in the end we are the first team to reach 200. In the end, as I previously mentioned, we play to win…So if you have some advice on setups that have worked for you then please share…if you’re just going to rant about how you can’t enjoy the game because of a particular play style then just don’t play the damn game…Simple…