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    What Kind of a Player Are You?


      There's a couple of types of different players that I seem to come across.


      There's your kind that (like me) will be on the front lines, wanting to kill lots. You know where the enemies come from, and what to expect. You know how to deal with each enemy, but you also know when to retreat.


      Or there's the type of person who hides behind their sentry guns quite a lot, or at least stands right next to it. They don't really shoot much and they just let their sentry do the work. Or maybe they just aren't as fast at seeing the enemies come, and take longer to shoot.


      The only time I will be a bit like that, is if I am doing a 5 relic run with people (either me with 5 relics on, a teammate, or all of us), or we're trying to get a new high score for some one. This way I stay back and protect the drill with them.



      There's most likely several types of play styles I have missed, those above 2 are the obvious ones. Also just to say, I don't mean stuff like, do you drop support items regularly etc? I just mean are you a rusher or camper (lol ? not sure what else to call them). It's too boring for me to be stood near or behind my sentry gun(s) waiting for the enemy to come to me, I like to go to them..


      On Nightfall it's different, slightly. I know where they spawn from so although I hang back (because obviously lots of hunters + scorpions come at once and you'd easily get rushed + downed) I do still love to shoot lots and get lots of kills. I'm always looking around to see if there are more enemies anywhere. I've seen people who don't check their corners etc. and are just simply looking forward. I can't do that, I have to be constantly doing something. I'm always moving. Not necessarily a huge amount, but just going back and forth, left and right. I'm sure those who do the same know what I mean.

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          good post. I used to def be the one behind the sentry guns with WS and still managed to get the most kills. Ever since I beat PoC a few times WAY back I started run medic with a sub so I'm constantly trying to race to their spawns. I'm always trying the hardest to get kills so I'm 1st in kills about 99% of the time. My friends don't fit into either category, they're pretty flat or one dimensional I guess you could say. They'll drop ammo and occasionally vultures but they're mostly just along for the ride I think lol.

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            I am a rusher in Point of Contact too. On many of the hives I usually kill the aliens very quickly and don't rely on support vultures/sentries that much.

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              I'm the type of person that is very team work based (I'm 99% of the time the ammo guy). That being said, I'm not normally the guy that just runs around and shoots, but rather concentrates on challenges, revives, repairs, and puts down ammo.

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                and then theres me , sitting by the drill , protecting it as much as i can behind my 2 sentry guns , and try to get noobs like "you" a new high score , but its almost impossible because again "you" are on front lines triggering more enemy than you can handle , getting intk last stand , again screwing your whole team because all the scorpions that you pissed off are spitting shid on rest of the team , again theres two other people that are lost because they dont know if they want to not to die or save your noob azz, meanwhile as theyre thinking , theyre dead. now "me " sitting behind my sentries i have nothing else to do but facepalm on all 3 off you, STILL sitting and trying to protect the drill without the slighest intention to move to revive you just so you can die again. well erntually we all die and thats all because how btave u are. thanks

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                  Support role all the time... happy to let the greedy go searching, the rambo types to go off killing and the defensive sit behind their equipment. I usually wait until I see where needs my help. In the same way that I have no preference over equipment.. I'll just got with whats needed/missing.

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                      In a lot of random people matches I carry the whole team, hold everyone together and direct them using my mic on what to do/upgrade and when supplies need throwing down.


                      I'm usually the one to keep the team stocked on quick reload boost and assist my teammates when they go down.


                      Today I had a match where my two teammates went down on the run back on POC before even getting past the first meteor barrier so I had to take on 5 rhinos, heal both teammates and make it back all within the time frame given.


                      I play tactically and am aggressive sometimes to the point the aliens hardly stand a chance.


                      On hard hives and on Nightfall I play more closer to the drill but in POC on some hives I go to the enemies spawn and don't give them the chance to get to the drill.


                      I am an all round player basically. I give the team quicker health regeneration, quicker reload time, use vultures for support and I almost never go down and I am usually the one to help reviving people.


                      Playing with pros however is much better and enjoyable because they don't make stupid moves like what some randoms do.

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                      I am almost always the person with the most kills in my team. perhaps it favors me how I distribute my skill points, even though i am 9 out of 10 times running medic, its not the first thing I fully upgrade. For me, its vital that i always have the teams boosters on me +4 (first thing) because that quick reloading is the only thing i miss from weapon specialist . and for the first two maps i use the grenade launcher at +3 to get through very quick without the need for ammo (if anything i would only use it for emergency). after having that i worry about getting the medic up lol.

                      Perhaps because the amount of times I have played POC, I already know where the enemy is coming from and when the rhinos will spawn. So I would say I am almost always ready for what will come. Hence, I almost always have the upper hand.


                      Hiding behind the sentrys or camping is never my style, which is why it was so hard for me to complete the 5 relic run without getting downed.


                      What I dont understand is why almost no one likes to be the person who drops ammo ?


                      I was in a match last night where no one maxed out ammo, we just each kept taking turns droping +1 explosive ammo. So i just used my grenade launcher and watched them run ever so low on ammo LOL. .. Until eventually one guy decided to upgrade to +4 ..

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                          This where communication is key.  I like to do ammo AND armor.  I can never find someone that's able to do both reasonably well.  It's extremely irritating.  Even when I am the ammo guy and dropping +4 ammo frequently, I'll see the odd +1 drop.  "Wtf are you doing?!  If you want ammo just drop me the money and I'll buy it!"


                          People are not so smart.  I won't be playing with those ones. 

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                              I like to do Ammo and team boosters, though it is quite difficult to do in the beginning where there arent as many aliens to kill. For me, Armor is important as of hive 13, before that you can survive, I would prefer having feral instinct, for quicker health gen.


                              yeah i dont know why people that max their wallet just throw down whatever, Its best they drop cash and let the person with the +4 item supply it.

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                              haha grenade turret, thats a great idea to teach randoms to start upgrading, i personally  carry turrets with me to coop game very rarely because shield is better if u end up with 3 absolute noobs. but i like your style.

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                                  If I were guaranteed to NOT play with noobs, I most likely will not be carrying the grenade turret. I imagine you have noticed, the not so experienced players try to fully upgrade their class first, or try to get the 2 sentrys out quickly, but really what should be done is 3 people upgrade their support to +4 and 1 person do +4 explosive ammo ASAP and then do what ever you wish.

                                  So by carrying the grenade turret, they are kinda forced to go +4 ammo eventually, and to have the team boosters +4 quickly, if not, I will be owning all the aliens with my grenade turret lmao, its amazing, they get angry because I dont leave any for them to kill.

                                  Once I see they have upgraded their support and are supplying it, I stop using the grenade turret really.

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                                      Me and a mate have a great technique which works all the time when we play together. It's usually us 2 + 2 randoms. Me and him don't have a mic, so that's why this works wonderfully.


                                      I will always use Team Booster + Explosive Ammo.

                                      He will always use Armor + Explosive Ammo.


                                      The very first 4 skill points gained, for me will go into Ammo fully upgrading it, and for him, Armor.

                                      The next 4 will go into my Team Booster, and his 4 will go into his sentry.


                                      After that, we will usually do our own thing but we try to do pistols to +3 so we can do any challenges that crop up. Then we'll do our class..

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                                  I'm a combination of all those different play styles here. I can be top slayer, I can be top supporter. It just depends on what my team needs at the time. Though what I find in most cases is that those so desperate to be the top slayer, are terrible at it. They pick the worst weapons, their aim is abysmal, they have zero idea how to prioritize targets and they down frequently. You could have one person tanking a Rhino with shield and they will be off chasing scouts. Hunters could be going berserk on the drill or a life saving sentry gun and they are shooting at some Scorpion far off in the distance with their heads in the clouds.


                                  If you want to play a particular style, master it. Otherwise, play support and sit down somewhere until you learn how to be better at the game. O and how about when the accuracy challenge comes up and that desperate guy wants to take the shot so bad and messes up his shots lol. Here's a hint, knife a scout and when he is knocked on the ground pop him in the head once. I find that the best players aren't limited to a single play style, they excel in all of them and can rush or defend and most importantly of all they always communicate their intentions to their team so there is little to no confusion.


                                  (Stinky this isn't directed at you, just that I had to reply to someone to contribute)

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                                      lol it's ok don't worry. I wouldn't have automatically assumed it was aimed at me.

                                      I know that I am not like that so yeah haha.


                                      The only other thing I will concentrate on killing if a Rhino is about (other than the Rhino, I mean), is a hunter or scorpion (especially on Nightfall). If a teammate is fending off the Rhino with a Riot Shield for us (distracting it) and a hunter or scorpion goes BEHIND the shielded guy, and starts attacking then I will quickly turn my weapon to it/them (some times there's multiple - in fact I definitely would do it if there was multiple). The obvious reason being, he/she will (or easily could) get downed, and won't notice because he/she is concentrating on the rhino in front, rather than the enemies behind.