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    Fairly new to the game...

      First, let me say I had never heard of Skylanders until right after Christmas when my friends son asked me to hook up his SwapForce game to the Wii.  So I wanted to do all my research to find out was available, because he also has a Galaxy Tab 3.


      So I started downloading the apps, and since he is SEVEN, I also downloaded a few games so that I could answer his questions when he gets stuck...


      Needless to say, he did not like the Lost Islands game, but I DO!!!!


      Anyways, I am currently only a level 27, and need friends and advice.   My islands are a mess right now, because I have no room to really do any city planning, but I play everyday.


      My Activate username is thejazzdiva.  Please feel free to add me.


      Also, is there a table or list somewhere that tells me how many Hero Points I need for each level?  Most of my Skylanders are stuck on 10.

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          Hi theJazzdiva,


          We're happy to hear you are enjoying the app.  You may want to try an online search for tables or list that will show a break down of XP or Hero Point needed for each level.


          Regarding level 10, you will need to unlock a Ramses   to go beyond level 10.  Additionally, you will need to get your Kingdom level to 27 in order to unlock Ramses.


          Hope that helps!