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    thx iw for fov

      that was great finaly ty

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          Re: thx iw for fov

          All it took, hmm,  2-3 years? Anyway glad that they finally understood some people need it in the game.

          It could have been 90 but atleast we got something.


          Just played my first game of ghosts in week(s) and almost enjoyed it.

          Usually when I´ve been playing ghosts I raged cause it was so **** so maybe they fixed something else too.

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            Re: thx iw for fov

            No, I'll play when IW grows up and has a FoV of 90, not 65, 75, or 80 but 90! It's like dealing with a little brat child that you have to painfully negotiate with to get them to do the right thing. Obstinateness!


            Listen I don't care that my 'left arm' is going to be cut-off for now and if needed fix that later, but 80 ≠ 90!

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                Re: thx iw for fov

                You're kidding? IW FAIL !! Their new FOV stops at 80. Get out of the house.

                IW have shown they can't even get that right... a simple two digits...95


                I'm going back to my external Ghosts FOV Changer... Fovely don't work any more since the lame update. You did this too IW.

                Dead set, you guys at IW all need serious help.



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