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    Campaign Is Broken!!! "Save Data Loss"

      Ok, so I completed the game on the Xbox 360 when it first came out, got the Xbox One few months ago and today I decided to play the Campaign on the Xbox One. I did a few missions, turned off my Xbox, turned it back on, and the only option I get is "Start New Game" with all my options and settings reset to default as if I loaded the game for the first time. Why is this happening? How can I fix it?


      This has happened for ages now, every time I load the game it resets all my options, fair enough, but resetting my Campaign is kind of annoying, I am sick of having to do the missions again, why do I keep losing my Saves and why are my options resetting all the time?


      "Quit Application" Close the game

      "Xbox Turn Off"" - Turning off from the switch

      Both reset my options, but if I leave my Xbox on standby, then its fine, but I shouldn't have to leave it on all the time.

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          Re: Campaign Is Broken!!! "Save Data Loss"

          I moved your thread to the Technical Support section for further assistance from our Activision Assist staff. In the event that you are not contacted within a few hours, or would like to seek immediate assistance, then please consider the following options:

          Be sure to include your platform and gamertag when contacting them.

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