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    Amplify / Dead Silence question.


      I'm using Triton AX-Pros and have been a long time sound whore.


      Before the patch (for me) Amplify worked against dead silence as I thought it was described. Since the patch, I find Dead Silence is dead silent a vast majority of the time while using Amplify. Even in the slowest of games, the quietest of environments; I can not hear Dead Silence users while using Amplify. Amplify doesn't really even make other people's foot steps louder. Almost seems like my Amplify just doesn't work.


      My question:


      Is this the way it's suppose to be or did the patch maybe not install properly?

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          Last patch notes...


          • Dead Silence/Amplify Adjustment - Dead Silence completely silent including equipment, sliding, and footsteps. Amplify users can still hear a scaled down version of the footsteps and sliding sounds.

          The answer to your question, is amplify working as intended, depends on IWs interpretation of 'scaled down'.

          Not particularly helpful, but that's what it is.

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            I agree, OP. Dead Silence is nearly invincible, even when you use Amplify against them. I have Astro A50's and I've noticed the difference of Dead Silence since the last patch. You could hear Dead Silence users as if they were normal sounding footsteps in MW3, but after the patch you can only hear them when they're not walking on dirt.


            IW always patch things that give people an advantage and they always bring down skilled players.

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                brentcers37 wrote:


                after the patch you can only hear them when they're not walking on dirt.


                I need to pay closer attention to this. It would have been nice to have more specifics from IW on these things like this. (Unless I missed it somewhere in my searches)


                brentcers37 wrote:


                Dead Silence is nearly invincible.


                It currently is when used against me, however I'm not when I am using it.


                I now have the impression (so far) that "scaled down" means quieter on non-earth & silent on earth.

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                I use Astro A50's, but since the patch it seems like I might as well not use them. The reason being is that I use to be able to hear the difference between players using Dead Silence and those that aren't, but now it seems like I can only hear the players who aren't using Dead Silence. Whatever IW did to scale down the power of Amplify or scale up the power of Dead Silence kind of sucks to me.

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                  I would maybe look into the DSS2 from Turtle Beach or some other surround sound processor for consoles that allows you to choose EQ presets or manually set an EQ. Higher high/mid frequencies and reduced lows can help bring out footsteps in games, even in the case of DS. Hi-fi headphones will increase the benefit - go with the PC360 or AT AD700x models. Gaming headsets cant compare to true audio ones. Check out Mad Lust Envy's headphones review page for the best suggestions.