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        20. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

        What they should do is kinda like MORV151190 stated and have and a special emblem or medals. Almost similar to what we have on this site with the accolades when you post. Have like 20 or so


        100 head shots

        500 headshots

        1000 headshots

        melee 50

        melee 100

        melee 150

        5 miles ran in one game

        10 miles ran in one game

        20 miles ran in one game

        downed once by round 20

        downed once by round 30

        downed once by round 40


        ^ ( thia would help recognize how a person does in high rounds aside from a leaderboard or lobby stats.


        Most kills at the end of game


        so on and so forth. I would rather spend time gaining something like this than having rank be top priority for ppl.

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          21. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

          I agree with most people. Instead of making us judge someone by an emblem, they should just let us check their leaderboards easily like we could in BO1 while keeping the stats we can check in BO2. A ladder ranking system shouldn't be part of a game mode thats about coop. Once you start labeling certain players better than others, then some people will let their egos grow while others will cheat to achieve top rank. Neither is good for Coop.


          Instead of making an emblem to show rank, it should be used kind of like the MP banners and emblems. It would be a lot better if they kept the same kind of emblem design, but changed how its earned. Make the skull reflect how a player plays. If someone uses a lot of rifles and gets a lot of head shots, give them a sniper styled skull. If someone has a lot higher revive to dead teammates ratio, they could get a medic skull. Someone who always does the EEs could get a detective skull. And so on. Then use the shield in the background to show average rounds of last 20 games. Under 15 would be one shield, 15-25 another, 26-35, and 36 and more would be the top shield. This would keep people from quitting in early rounds after taking a single down. K/D ratio promotes cheating and quitting. Then I would let players customize the two objects next to the skull. These things could be unlocked from doing achievements, milestones , and EEs. So someone's emblem could be the Sniper Skull with the 2nd best shield (26-35), with a Speed Cola bottle to the left of the skull, and a Sickle on the other side.


          And like others said, I would include an emblem to show cheaters and another to show if someone lags out a lot. Someone caught cheating, then they have to play 15+ hours of clean game play after their first warning before they can lose a cheat emblem. And if someone has a bad connection, or just throws a tantrum and hits the power button when they go down, they could have a warning shield behind their head showing that a good portion of their last 20 games ended with them dropping out early in a game. This way the emblem still gives us an idea of the person we are playing with, without being so important for people to argue over, and possibly deterring some of the things that hurt zombies, like cheaters and quitters.

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            22. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

            Compare BO to BO2, in public lobby when looking for players for example...

            In Bo2 players concerned about stupid emblem and somehow they think it justifies something... what exactly?

            It does not tell you jack, not the highest round, not how many kills, nothing! Shotguns WOW!.... and what?


            Now lets have a look at public lobby in BO, we can see the highest round for the given map and we can also justify if a player glitched to get there or they got carried or  they quit a lot, and mentality changes too, players want to get to higher round because it displays this in the lobby, they dont care about going down they care to get to higher round, this in my opinion is a better system as in fact it adds more replay value to the game, players want to try for higher rounds rather then getting obsessed about some rank emblem.

            Wouldnt a kill/down ratio system of ranking motivate players to be more careful with dying, and therefore help people to get to higher rounds?

            It motivates players to quit because they go down or they want to keep the stupid emblem and somehow think that one game is going to effect the stats.

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              23. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

              Yeah I guess I when I thought of a kill/down ratio system I was only thinking of how it would affect me and I know it would cause me to play more carefully, and therefore get to higher rounds. When I played BO1 I remember having no problems with the leaderboard. But still, it wasn't perfect. The only emblem I would ever want is one that reflects your style of play.

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                24. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

                I think that the most accurate way to judge how good a character is, like a few of you have already said, is by doing an average of the past 20 or so games of things like: kills, downs per round, revives, headshots (which are not all that important), # OF ROUNDS YOU GOT TO, and an average of how often you quit per 1 game. That would be my ideal leaderboard.

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                  25. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

                  OK so we know people like to play for leaderbord, why not give them that? It makes them feel like they have accomplished or achieved something when they get in to higher scores/rounds even if they top it by 1.

                  The thing about this game is... it is co-op, so no matter how good of a player you may be you are nothing without a team well unless you like your solo games, how many of us do? ugh ugh.... yeah we find it boring.

                  So in saying that we may have sandykid or spider in a team then someone will quit and boom the game is over, so having best players in the team means nothing without cooperation, teamplay.


                  I think players shouldn't get punished for going down or dieing, but leaving, quitting. I can understand some of us have lag issues but c'mon how many times in a row can you lag out of a game on round 5?

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                    26. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

                    Either xp based or not have one at all.

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                      27. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

                      What good would xp based do? Like what's even the point of having xp? Someone could have a whole lot of xp points but still not be as good as someone who has less xp

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                        28. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?

                        Well it is to mearly show how much they have put effort in zombies.

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                          29. Re: What is the best way to perfect the BO3 zombies ranking system?
                          i hope the ranking system for bo3 is exactly the same and think it should carry over from bo2.  Nothing wrong wth the system we have now.
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