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    Titanfall won't ever beat this...

      Alright first of all please don't get offended by my title. I have played the beta of Titanfall and it's a good game. Also, for any fanboys I just want to remind you it's possible to enjoy both games However, when I was playing Titanfall I was rarely killing human players (like 10 per game of Attrition) and even had an 8 pilot flawless which sounds like I camped, but really I didn't.


      I just jumped into Ghosts and it put me on stonehaven down 56-42. In two minutes I went ham controlling the front area outside the middle building in the center area of the map near the big hill with cars. It was almost all face to face gunfights only using flanking and rocks for cover. It was so action packed and I got my helo pilot. Then in my helo I got like a multikill and took the lead. Got the final killcam and the whole lobby was like wtf just happened. I went 23-0 in less than two minutes and destroyed the enemy team and single handily forced a comeback. Moments like that just don't happen in Titanfall. I understand a lot of people like to hate on this game, but I just want to say that all the bullshit is worth it for moments like this.


      As much fun as the Titanfall beta is, I still think Ghosts is a much better game. I don't mind if anyone here disagrees because you should play what makes you happy. Moments like I had just now though...they don't happen in other games.

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          So titanfall MP is a mixture of real players and bots?  That would be pretty unappealing to me.  Is the 360 version going to have dedicated servers?  Personally I am going to wait and see a lot of reviews of the game before I buy.   So many games have hype that they don't live up to. So far in all the videos of the game I haven't seen anything that looks that revolutionary. Everything has been done in other games just slightly different variations.

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            The situation you describe happens in ALL games, not just cod. Titanfall is decent, but it won't beat cod because it's an exclusive. And its on an inferior console.

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              Most of your kills will be against bots regardless of if you are leading a lobby or at the bottom. Theoretically, even the worst players can go positive. They might only get 2 pilot kills and 10 deaths, but those 15 bot kills could fill the gap. People of all skills can therefore enjoy the game. That is why I think they put bots in.


              I don't think you should expect dedicated servers for the 360. One of Microsoft's selling points of the Xbox One is dedicated servers. Also, yesterday the servers of Titanfall went down for a few hours. Hopefully just a hiccup, but it was a little annoying.

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                It won't happen in Titanfall. That game is way too slow paced to get more than 30 kills in a match let alone 20 kills in a minute. MLG Pros are barely breaking 20 kills in 10 minutes. I'm getting shot around corners, people are camping rooftops, it's the same bs in cod but slower. And to me the bots ruin the entire game, and it's not something they could fix. Even if the bots weren't mentally constrained they would still ruin the experience. People are losing the pilot and titan kill count and winning games. Playing against bots isn't satisfying.  I already am thinking about canceling my pre-order, but I got money to kill. The game is just BORING and it's not something I see myself playing for months on end. And we already know that it's going to be critically acclaimed with like a 97 metacritic because IGN and all those sellout reviewers just want to push this game down our throats.

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                  One thing to remember, Titanfall is still in Beta. Changes can and will occur.

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                    COD is still the big Dog but the poorly running and playing Ghost has done obvious damage to the franchise.

                    Source personnel experience and the fact there are as I type 54355 players online.


                    Halo was once the console king too but the lackluster Halo 4 multi has no doubt hurt that franchise as well.


                    Meanwhile we have Titanfall and Destiny soon to be taking a swing.


                    All bets are off.

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                      This post is considered off topic and therefore it was moved to the appropriate sub-forum.


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                        8. Re: Titanfall won't ever beat this...

                        I'm pretty sure moments like what you descried happens in pretty much every FPS.

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