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    Why I am not receiving gems when I purchase them?

      I've purchased buckets of gems twice now and have not received them. The payment is taken from my account. The screen just freezes on "purchase in progress" and nothing. I really want to get more gems, but clearly it is not processing it. What now?

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          Hi Ezac2006,


          Thank you for posting regarding the issue you are having with a gem purchase.  If the purchase does not appear in your purchase history then the transaction was not complete.  You may want to try contacting iTunes Support iTunes - Contact Us - Apple Support  or Google Play Support Android apps & games - Google Play Help to see if the transactions are pending or if there is another issue with the purchase.


          We can recommend un-installing/re-installing the app if there is an issue with the install itself.  Also, check the WiFi or 3G/4G bar status on your device to see if a strong signal is received in the event there was a drop in connection while the purchase was being made.


          Regards ^AH