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    Any MLG players out there that do gbs(PS3)

      AAdd me up XposureZz good at SnD TDM and and blitz I'm doen to do gbs I got a 2.19 kd with over a 7.0 W\L psn: XposureZz I'm a AR and Sub M player

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          Re: Any MLG players out there that do gbs(PS3)

          Kid, no offense, but you're stats aren't that good, in the MLG clan i'm in no one has a k/d under 3.1 and our w/l's are all above 10, and also you need to be good at all gamemode's, not just a select few, just look at OpTic or Team Kaliber, sure some aren't as good as others in certain gamemode's but, they're all good at every gamemode. If you really want to join an MLG clan you should really practice more, and going on forum's asking people if they're are any MLG clans you can join doesn't really help you're chances.

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