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    Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

      Sorry for the constant posting, but this needs to be addressed big time.

      Im checking their twitter and Teanah's twitter often, and yet.. NOTHING. They post Valentines day love you notes.. wtf??? And Teanah has no issue responding to everyone else but me who asks about frame rate? Im not 100% sure they are ignoring this issue and it wont be fixed. If it is, I will be very suprised.


      And this is how they want us to just accept it. Unreal, extremely disappointed on how hard it is for someone to just acknowledge this issue and let us know

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          Re: Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

          Yeah it's rather mind boggling how they are just ignoring this issue. Just a heads up the Titanfall beta is up for everyone now you guys should for download it in the demos section. Atleast Respawn knows how to treat it's customers. I wouldn't waste time trying to message Tina I'm fairly sure she hates the hardcore cod crowd such a terrible staffing decision hiring her at IW

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            Re: Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

            Something changed, I was playing on 360 for a bit until I got my one set up the way I wanted, after the patch I had to set the game to 720 to gain speed.


            When you use a tracker sight the game drops 15 frames, even more on some maps.

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              Re: Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

              Since you posted this in the Xbox One section, I may be just your crazy old Evan, but I'll assume you're have fps issues on the Xbox One.


              Firstly, and this solves so many of my problems: Do a hard reboot. Hold down the power button for 10 - 15 seconds (mine normally makes a clicking noise once it's truly shut off), and then restart it. This should bring you to the Xbox One screen (y'know, with the green back ground, with the giant X that flys into the center of the screen) and then wait a few minutes. Trust me, it takes a few minutes for the Xbox to progress beyond this point. However, and according to Microsoft, if it takes 10 minutes or longer and is still stuck on the screen, you may have a bad unit.


              Assuming your Xbox One is working properly and progresses back into the home screen, you sign in, and try booting up the game.


              If this doesn't work, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game, or factory reset, or calling Activision/Microsoft support.

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                Re: Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

                Waste of time posting anything in this forum regarding issues with the game nothing ever gets done/fixed. The best thing is to trade it in now before March 11th won't get a lot for it after then.

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                  Re: Still no response with frame rate issues....wtf

                  I moved your thread to the Technical Support section for further assistance from our Activision Assist staff. In the event that you are not contacted within a few hours, or would like to seek immediate assistance, then please consider the following options:

                  Be sure to include your platform and gamertag when contacting them.

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