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    COD is going downhill

      ill put it simple, this game sucks, there are no dedicated servers as they promised, quickscopeing IS still in the game, horrible amount of health, this game was designed to be a long range shooter so the game itself practically forces u to camp, horrible respawn locations, on top of what is IN the game it already froze my xbox more than 20 times and my ps3 like more than 10 i dunno.


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          Quickscoping is very limited.  If you're losing consistantly to snipers at close range you are doing something wrong.


          The health is at the same level as previous CODs.


          In Ghosts I've run and gunned, tactically moved and camped.  All playstyles are possible in this game, you just have to use a bit of brain power and awareness.  You cannot blindly run across the middle of the map in this game and expect anything else than a quick death, which is the way it should be for me.  This does not mean that you can't run and gun, just that you need to use your bonce.


          Spawns can be odd at times, although as far as I'm concerned in general the problems are exagrated on this issue.


          Had no issues with freeze ups in 8 days played and hadn't heard people complaining about this before you?  Not saying it doesn't happen, just that it doesn;t appear to be a widespread issue from what I've seen.


          The game is not broken, is it perhaps just not what you expected it to be?

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              Well said, but i do have freezes at times, and have to reboot. Think this game is pushing the limits on the xbox much like BF4 is doing as well. That game is a joke on the 360 right now with all its bugs and freezes. Had to return the game it got so bad. I run and gun and depending on the play style on the other team, ill camp it up a bit as well. Each person got to adjust to there surroundings... I dont tube, unless i am being tubed or the WHOLE team is just sitting and camping on a objective game. Its a objective to get flags, not TD in DOM. I laugh when i see zero caps on the other team and they lose and try to go for kill streaks and fail. anyhow, the spawns can be random at times, but everybody knows where they are now so its easy to camp those spots now. It needs to be more random than it is currently, no telling how many times i spawn in the same spot only to be sniped 3 times in a roll before i even take a step.

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                I like the game but health isn't the same ttk is faster.

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                The game is good. Definitely a top 5 Call of duty. Major upgrade from that abomination known as BO2


                Yes quickscoping is in the game DERP. IW never said it would be fully removed. They just said some things would affect quickscoping.


                If your Xbox and PS3 froze 10+(Which is an obvious lie) then it was not the game it was your consoles.

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                  Cod goes down hill every time Infinty worthless Ward release a game.

                  Treyarch have proven themselves to make good games and I will happily buy their next release.

                  IW on the other hand are incapapable of making a stable multiplayer experience.

                  Source. MW3 and Ghost.

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                      False statements are false.

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                        Let's see:

                        Infinity Ward: Started the Call of Duty franchise, Call of duty 4 MW, Call of Duty MW2, Call of Duty MW3, and Ghosts.

                        3arc made: Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty BO, Call of Duty BO2(WORST installment in the series by far)


                        BO 2 was so predictable. All it was was choke points and SMGs outgunning ARs constant bombardment of killstreaks which were so easy to achieve horrid maps.

                        In Ghosts we have a plethora of perks, plethora of attachments, a really nice overall set of maps(sure there is not that one GREAT map but for the most part they are all good), balanced not too dominant killstreaks, balanced weapons not one OP weapon, introduction of changing maps which is really just the beginning next COD games maps are going to be crazy, 60 perk slots for ultimate amount of different classes, the list goes on.


                        And you see the thing is even though I disliked BO2 I still played the heck out of it because all COD games are practically the same exact game and I love COD. Make kill streaks stronger, add score streaks, make SMGs the dominant weapon, and put BO2 maps in Ghosts and you would basically have BO2. Nothing major was changed. They all play the same with minor changes so to act like Ghosts is some COD franchise ending game is melodramatic and childish.


                        Really even if you dislike Ghosts to disrespect IW like that is just plain wrong. They created Call of duty and deserve the utmost respect.

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                        The game series got your money this year and they'll get your money next year, as well as mine.

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                          this call of duty is going down hill because player numbers are really falling, titanfall will do further damage, i played the beta on the xbox one and it wasn't world changing but will certainly appeal to many cod players, players are sick of all the problems.

                          this isn't knew and BF4 has issues and has seen a lot of people leave as well.  COD isn't dead, not yet, but ghosts will be soon. 

                          overall i've enjoyed the game but it likes high impact fun factor, its slow, often campy and can be a lag fest, when it works its good but not great.  titanfall has this round but mw4 may bring it back, who knows.

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                            BO2 is wayyyyyyy better than Ghosts im not saying i agree with everything the OP is saying but at times in Ghosts is does get alil annoying when you are killed by a riot shield C4 scrubs IW is slowly declining on there CODs my two fav are COD4 and MW2. But to say BO2 is the worst COD is crazy i mean have you played MW3? lol

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                              Freezing -   Have you tried to DL the game to your hard drive?  This may be an issue with the disk itself.  If you have, again it might be an issue with a segment of your HD.  So erase and re-download.  This may be very helpful.


                              TTKs -   The health and gun damage is similar to other COD games (with stopping power when applicable).  What is not similar is how the game handles it.  The only positive thing that can come from this is that it is somewhat consistent and applies to your enemy as well.


                              BO 2 Better? -   It is all a matter of opinion really.  I thought BO2 was the worst of the series.  The character movements were wonky and the maps were just plain terrible.  Zombies ended up glitchy and the stupidity of finding the secret for each of these maps just got boring.  The only good thing to come out of BO 2 was the Hardpoint game mode.  That is not to say that I don't have buddies that found this to be the greatest game ever.


                              Titanfall -   About 1/3 of my FL was playing it last night, I noticed the overall COD#'s were down to around 140k online, which is the lowest I have ever seen.  Most of the people that I know who were playing all said the game was fun, addicting and great change of pace from the norm.  This game is going to be a huge win for the Xbone

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                                Well, I like it, and sure I have the nights where I can't do squat...and I just back out and play another game...but on nights when everything is fair and I'm winning gun fights I should win, and getting beat when I get outplayed.  As for freezing...I used to have issues with my console freezing up to the point where hitting the power button on the console would do nothing!  It happens on all games, ones I've downloaded from the marketplace, ones I have installed from the disc to the hard drive, and while playing them on the disc.  I happened quite a bit last year, but recently I haven't had any issues.  In my opinion (not a fact), I think the thing that really drags any online game down is the community...driving the fastest and best handling car at every track, using the same gun every game, use the best team in NBA, NHL, FIFA, Madden every game.  Some people just don't want to try new things or challenge themselves, which is fine, but it's something I can't do.  I use all the weak guns (CBJ, K7, TAC 12), drive mediocre cars trying to set fast laps with them, and play with weak teams and work on getting better.


                                On another note.  I've only seen 2 videos of Titanfall, one was from a friend who was running around jumping all over the place getting in the mech things, and it looked just ok to me.  Not really a fan of that kind of shooter game.  Then another guy posted a video on youtube...I watched for 35 seconds, saw him activate an invisible cloak, and turned it off immediately and made my mind up, I'm not buying it.  I tried Crysis 3 and the cloaking was the reason why I traded it in.

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                                  Extinction is a very fun part of Ghosts, and the Singleplayer was OK. The multiplayer experiance can be judged only by the invidivual people playing due to varying conditions. Modders, hackers, Campers, RnGers, Quickscoping, are going to be in alomost all Gun games it is the evolution of the first person shooter game online experiance. The reality is if you don't like it play something else, games are meant to be fun if your hating it then find something else fun, unless you feel getting upset is "fun."

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                                    I have had to remove replies in this thread too many times. Locking.


                                    OP - Reach out to Support, or post in the Support subforum, about your issue. Do a search and see if other people are having a similar issue. I believe there is a specific clickable item at the top of the Support forums regarding freezing.  As far as your other feedback, do a search and post your thoughts in the active threads on those topics. Lumping them all together with your Support issue is confusing and muddles the intent of the thread.


                                    Everyone - Be respectful of each other's opinions. There is no right and wrong when you're talking about what things you like/dislike. Next time I see mud slinging and name calling and general asshattery towards one another you'll be submitted for a temp ban on your account.


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