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    ✦ [PS4][UK/West Europe] Clan Recruitment - Invicte (Unconquered) [iVi] ✦


      Invicte! - Unconquered.


      Invicte is currently recruiting elite call of duty players. Here are the clan details:

      • We play 2 win 95% of the time, however we will sometimes chill in a private match or have fun in infected.
      • We will en roll in clan wars and play competitively (GB) because it is a big passion of mine.
      • If you join then you will automatically make friends and play in unity with us. You will be provided a team that will conquer our opponents.
      • We will always play the objective however sometimes we will try to spawn trap enemies for a ton of kills and fun.
      • We have a badass latin name.


      If you are interested in joining Invicte then check the following requirements:

      • Age: Doesn't matter however you need to be matured.
      • Microphone: You need to have a microphone, however it also has to be high quality so that communication is smooth. You also need to speak English fluently, of course.
      • Location: You should live in UK/West Europe area so that the connection is smooth and seamless with the clan members and so that we are online around the same time.
      • Play Time: You need to play at least 2/3 hours daily.
      • K/D: 2 and above, however you need to be very good because we are picking the more elite players. If your K/D is not 2 and above however you think you got what it takes then you can still join.
      • W/L: Doesn't matter because it is a bull**** statistic that is hard to control however we will play 2 win 90% of the time so be ready for pwnage!
      • Attitude: Be laid back and don't rage. Be friendly and fun to play with!


      If you think you have what it takes then write a application form below or add Vixci on PSN.

      Good Luck,