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    Hack of duty?

      Hack of duty ghosts is what the name should of been called.Never again will I buy another call of duty game, only been out for a few months and already hacked to shreds.What do you think?

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          Dont be so dramatic just leave the lobby when u see a hacker!

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              We tried 3 game modes all filled with cheaters and left multiple lobbies, why should we have to go to extremes to avoid cheaters on a game thats been out for a few months? That is ridiculous.I like to play fair and getting thrown in with cheaters all the time is not fun,they should give them an idiot hacker playlist to play in and get them out of public matches if they are not going to ban them.

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              idk what the problems is i goes u just being dramatic or u just got out played


              camp = hacker

              Being a pro = a Hacker

              Riot shield is a = Hacker

              Out gunned = a hacker.


              thier are no that much hacker. most of the godmode got patched.

              and the ppl that can use that isnt that much cuz when i playing i never saw 1 only once u just need to leave thats it posting it on the forum wont make any differance

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                  You must not play ghosts that much, hackers and cheaters are there some are just blind to them i guess.When someone has a 21.0 k/d ratio and no prestige icon its a cheater and im not just being outgunned.You are not very smart.Just yesterday a guy was cheating on infected and blocked the doorway with the only survivor in the room so noone could get to him.All you hear is a little kid laughing.Isnt that awesome?

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                  I play everyday with my clan their was only 1 hacker just report them and your done

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                    Those who you witness, or suspect, of violating the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct in-game are to be reported in-game. This is the official and most direct course of action that you can take regarding this issue.


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