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    Maps of doom

      So come on then, if you are anything like me there is one map in COD ghosts that you just hate.

      For whatever reason, which map has you lunging for the "leave lobby" option.

      For me it is probably "Seige" the annoying thing is that it's quite a cool looking map, but there have been a couple of occasions where I literally haven't seen a single enemy player in ten minutes! Ok maybe not literally but hardly any(they seem to see me just fine though)

      Lets have your nominations for KING OF THE CODSH#T

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          1. Re: Maps of doom

          I think for me it has to be Chasm. That map just seems nonsensical to me.


          And Prison Break continues to be my nemesis, just can never seem to put together a good game on that map....

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            2. Re: Maps of doom

            Freight.  I've tried camping, aggressive R&G, tactical flanking and everything inbetween with about every weapon types.  I just cannot seem to get a decent game on this map and it frustrates the hell out of me.


            I also find this can be one of the most boring maps (playing TDM), with teams just setting up and shooting at each other from the buildings eiher side of the railway track.

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              3. Re: Maps of doom

              Siege used to be one of my top hated. Now i have found routes to rack up the kills (unless there whole team camps the mine)


              Prison Break for me too can be tough. Seems it is a campy - map control set up.


              Stormfront is mine. Way too campy and hard to cross to the other side when the other team knows how to camp it.


              Freight can also be a nightmare if the other team is too campy.

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                4. Re: Maps of doom

                Siege is my map of doom as well. I play it but find it hard to get anything going on that map.

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                  5. Re: Maps of doom

                  I like all of the maps. Then again, I don't look for reasons to complain about them when things don't go my way.

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                    6. Re: Maps of doom

                    Prison break is one of my favourites. Get in that central grass section looking at the tower and unleash hell. Chasm is a bit random though, it never seems to be the same game twice.

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                      7. Re: Maps of doom

                      Really? I love freight. It is very run and gun, I tend to find that I can reap campers dog tags a plenty on this one, yet I can also get a good killstreak camping. Play hardcore kill confirmed and it really comes alive.

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                        8. Re: Maps of doom

                        Stormfront, yeah I agree its a bit lonely out there, not much going on and too many snipers.

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                          9. Re: Maps of doom

                          Not a fan of Stonehaven or Chasm. Those are the two maps I have picked out a "patrol area" and rarely move out of them. All other maps I like to roam around much more for flanking.

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