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    Could We Possibly Get A Feature To Turn Off The Music?

      I came into the realm of Call of Duty rather late, and I started playing at Black Ops II (a game I loathe). What I absolutely loved about that game is the ability to turn off the music volume entirely. I was just wondering if there is a feature like this being implemented or even in the works?


      I really enjoy playing Ghosts, but the music is so freaking loud. Being that I am working to prestige my characters, I rank up really fast. I hate being on a high streak and ranking up and then dying because the music is so loud that I couldn't be more aware of my surroundings. Hearing the game is almost as important as seeing it to players like me.


      I'm not whining, I'll play either way. Ghosts is one of my favourite Call of Duty games to date (only being beaten by MW2, even though I only recently started playing that game). I just think this feature would make quite a few players happier.

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