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    Swapforce game keeps crashing at set points in the game.

      Hi I have Skylanders swapforce for the wii, the game keeps crashing/freezing at certain points of the game. it happens in many areas which loses progress of what i have done, plus means I can't get pass certain areas/collect things / complete bonus mission maps. One area it happens is in the Golem Invasion bonus mission map, as soon as I have killed 10 and just come to the last two golems it crashes. This happens in other set places too, is this a common game glitch or do I have a dodgy disc??

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          Hey Scampi16,


          Have you checked the Disc for any scratches or smudges? Are you playing while connected to the internet? Sometimes, being connected may cause issue, try disabling the wifi or disconnect your Ethernet cable and playing that same portion of the game. Does this only happen with specific characters?




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              The disc isn't damaged at all, this has been happening since I bought the game (brand new disc).

              It's not always the same character, i have disconnected from wii-fi and cleared old save data from the wii system, but it still crashed again tonight whilst I went back to an old story level to find a bonus mission map I missed, mudwater hollow and again it crashed where the upgrade pod is, this was a new character i bought today and not same characters I have used before where it has crashed here. It crashes in a number of different places, there seems to be two types of crashes, one where it just freezes (no noise), nothing will happen if you press anything etc, but you can shut the wii off by pressing power button, the second way it crashes is it freezes, but makes a horrible noise and you can't switch the wii off with the power button, only way to get out of it is to switch the wii off at the plug socket.