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    What can i do? please help

      hi, i just need to know what i should do to dont die so much?
      i consider myself a average good player, i get around 20- 40 kills each domination/kill confirmed, but i usually have the same amount of death, how can i keep getting the kills i get while cutting down on my deaths? any tips or anything that would help i will be most thankfull!

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          Re: What can i do? please help

          Play with friends who communicate.

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            Re: What can i do? please help

            Attach the silencer on ur weapon. Helps keep u off the radar.


            Dead silence prevents enemies from  hearing ur foot steps.


            Use the right weapons for the right situations (never bring a shotgun to stonehaven lol)


            Learn the maps,  camping locations, busy sniper routes, and opened areas. Objective locations and where to be in order to defend or offense them.


            Use sitrep to locate enemy explosives and crap lying on the floor.


            Jump if u trigger an I.e.d. it doesn't kill if u jump.


            Use aiming assistance if u have trouble picking up enemies like thermal or tracker sight. I


            Don't go wild, be patient,  try to anticipate ur enemies before they encounter u.


            Use  support streaks until u can pile up assault kill streaks.


            Use a lmg if ur not a runner, then go assault when u become faster and smg if even more faster.


            Good luck... hope that helped.

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              Re: What can i do? please help

              At first you won't be getting as many kills but the trick is to focus on dying less.  Once you've gotten the dying less part down you will find that the kills will come back.  It's obvious that you know how to kill but what is likely happening to you is that you are getting a kill and then getting dropped by the next guy because you are pushing into enemy territory a little too fast.  Just take a moment to pause before moving on and check your corners a little better.  Consider your routes through the map as well.  You want to be taking routes that will keep you in the action but will also position yourself well to limit your enemies available sight lines to attack you.

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                  Re: What can i do? please help

                  that sounds like being a great idea, duh.. never thought about it that way haha, and yes thats exactly what happens, like in stonehaven i got a pretty good route, and it goes in and out of their spawn in the castle and there i usually end up with around 25-6, so you are right, thank you, i will try it out for a while and see what happens

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                  Re: What can i do? please help

                  It sounds like ur getting a decent amount of kills per match.  Do you have tunnel vision when playing objective modes?  Maybe just need to slow down a little.

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                    Re: What can i do? please help

                    - pay attention to spawns, and learn them well.


                    - watch your mini map for where teammates are, and try no to ever leave your back open.


                    - slow down your game a little. hold down an area at a time. (not camping, but not rushing)


                    - be prepared for a revenge spawn after you get a kill, especially if you are alone in an area of the map.

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