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    (PS4) Infinite Era Recruiting for Black Ops 3

      [3RA] INFINITE ERA .

      Black Ops 3 Stats:

      Clan Level :

      Members : 14


      Clan K.D Ratio:



      Requirements are simple:

      Have a mic

      Speak English

      Be in EST or PST time zone

      Be friendly and Competitive

      Have a decent K.D. ratio

      Have the call of duty app.

      Any questions or want to check us out add:






      Apply in app (3RA) or message on psn. Put header as CLAN. Also ONLY PS4 PLAYERS at this time. Unfortunately we're trying to keep this clan small so sorry if we are full.

      We're looking for more members, whom will be playing clan wars and (your discretion) competitive aspects such as Arena,GB's or twitter tourney's, while having a great time playing with the rest of the clan members, if you play often and well enough you will be considered for the position of Lieutenant Commander (looking for applicants). Our main goal is the uniform's you achieve when you win Clan Wars and to have a friendly and fun clan, also you can expect we're going to win it . Apply through app or here.






      [Advanced Warfare Info]

      Clan Level : 25

      Members : 12

      Division: Diamond

      Clan K.D Ratio: 1.50

      First Clan Wars      ►Platinum San Francisco

      Second Clan Wars Platinum Seattle

      Third Clan Wars Platinum North Pole

      Fourth Clan Wars Platinum Fourth ClanWars

      Fifth Clan Wars Diamond First Diamond Division Won



      [Ghost Info]

      Ghost STATS:


        Clan level: 25

        Members: 15

        Clan K.D. Ratio: 2.08


      The clan achieved level 13 in exactly one week so we play almost everyday. We came first in our clan wars just shy of 1000 points with 977cp. Looking for active members and also with KD ratio higher than 1.80 ¿?.

      First Clan Wars ►Bronze Clan Wars - Imgur

      Second Clan Wars ►Silver Clan Wars - Imgur

      Third Clan Wars ►Gold Clan Wars - Imgur

      Fourth Clan Wars Platinum Clan Wars - Imgur

      Fifth Clan Wars Platinum Clan Wars - Imgur

      Sixth Clan Wars Diamond  Clan Wars - Imgur

      Seventh Clan Wars Diamond  Clan Wars - Imgur

      Member GodzXPro
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