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    Stop messing with the weapons in Ghosts!

      I have to say that I am loving Call of Duty Ghosts and personally think its one of the best Call of Duty games to come out in years.  Usually when I get a new COD game I try various classes and setups until I find something that works for me and gradually get better and better with it.  My gun of choice was the AK12 - a fantastic versatile weapon with accuracy and power.  I was doing really well with this gun and then what happened?  Loads of whiny little toads started chirping 'Its OP, Its OP' and the gun was nerfed and now for me useless.  Ok, I thought, on to my second gun of choice the VKS sniper.  But, oh wait, that's been nerfed too - and feels sluggish and difficult to move around now.  These were both great weapons that enhanced my enjoyment of the game and because the developers actually listened to these pathetic whinging tw**s they've been ruined.  Yes there are other guns in the game but these were what worked for me.  Now that I can't run and gun effectively with the AK12 or move around and snipe with the VKS I've had to change my style of play to something a lot more boring.  I basically sit back with the M27 and a thermal scope surrounded by IEDs and pickup 30+ kills a game on TDM.  This is not the way I choose to play and is kind of boring and cowardly but as all the weapons I like keep getting ruined I have no other way of playing effectively.  A game should not be this drastically changed after release.  Bug fixes = YES.  Additional game modes = YES.  But drastically altering vital components = NO.  Why can't they just leave it alone and stop adhering to the whim of bad sports who can't accept that there are people better than them out there that use a different weapon.  Maybe I'll start petitioning IW to nerf the MTAR or the Vector that I get killed by a lot?  In short, stop moaning and whining people.  If you get killed accept it. Its part of the game.  Don't start getting in a hissy fit and try to get the game changed to your liking.  On another topic I hate the fact that the Maverick sniper/assault rifle is included in conventional game modes when I can't use this weapon.  I am getting killed by this damn thing but in order for me to use it I have to pay £11.99 for a map pack?! WTF!  Introduce new powerful weapons by all means but then you have to allow EVERYONE to use them.  Not just the privileged few who can afford them after shelling out £600 for the xbox, controllers and Ghosts to start with.

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          That new weapon is pretty much the exact same as the Remington. I can battle it against anyone with any weapon. It is not the best weapon. It was just like the other COD where the map packs brought weapons with them, but people that did not buy them did not get the privilege to use them unless picked up. Get over it.

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            Dude you just got through to stop complaining about a weapon ppl get killed by a lot and then you become a hypocrite about the new guns that only ppl with the map packs can use. I have the map packs and I really do not enjoy the new guns. They are craaaap. I prefer the Honey badger  myself. It is by far in my opinion the best AR in the game I have tried other AR's and the Honey Badger is my favorite. If I was to complain about any gun though it would be the grenade launcher aka the noob tube. Please for once ppl use some skill and try shooting someone in the face with a weapon. Currently I admit I am using the Noob Tube but purely because of the operation to get the patch. If they did not have that operation I would stay far away from that noob weapon.