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    My XP with Lagbuster

      I Haven't seen anything on this thing constructive all you see in the forum is complaining, so I thought id add a thread about something  that could be beneficial.


      I got the lagbuster last night, and hooked it up.. I never had problems with my connection, but decided to fork over the cash to get this thing because ill be moving in with my g/f in a couple months


      anyway after the few games I have played i can say the lag buster has showed little effect.


      Alot of what the thing does is behind the scenes, but what i could obviously see is how it improved my hit detection.. I only have a few games in with this thing,a nd will be evaluating it.. I also haven't hooked up the counter measure2 program.. which helps with Lag compensation.

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          Final Thoughts


          So i have played with this lag buster, I did not experience anything beneficial from it.. if anything I actually lags more.. and upon activation my nat turned to moderate.. I had to do a DMZ to make my nat type open


          Do i recommend this product


          No, i really wanted to like this product, but it doesn't do anything. i did not see a significant difference in hit detection, lag, or improvement in my gaming experience.


          to make sure I had everything hooked up appropriately. i called sejent,  talked to customer service and they helped me configure everything.. I also talked to my ISP ... I will be returning the lagbuster i was very disappointed in the product and for the hefty price you would expect better results.. do not buy this product

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                 I watched the videos out of curiosity, and think its a fairly cool concept, but a bit exaggerated for what it can do. While some lag may be caused by congestion on your home network, its by no means the only cause of lag . The "funnel" he talks about still exists outside your home....... among many other reasons.