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    Farm Survival strategy.

      Had a few blasts on this map recently and found a really good camping spot for easy 30-40.


      In the past we would camp in the farmhouse at the top by the drop down hole, now anybody who did some training on this map to high rounds would know that if you stay in the barn, zombies spawn in the barn and not outside, so to the strategy…


      We stand outside of the back door at the barn, Quick Revive is behind us and there is a window on the right, as long as we don’t go past this window (towards QR) they don’t spawn behind, there is 2 barrier windows in front of us, one facing us and one is on the left but most zombies will come from the big back door of the barn, Gallils and Rays seem to be most useful, it is a very easy camping spot as long as you start the round in this spot and don’t move past the window towards QR, also the obvious ammo.


      I am a legit player and love to find, watch, read, hear, test and try new strategies, I have not seen this anywhere and no I don’t make videos lol and won’t be wasting my time starting, I love to play the game. Just thought I will share this with zombie community, happy camping.

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          Re: Farm Survival strategy.

          Ohh yeah this doesn't work on tranzit.

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            Re: Farm Survival strategy.

            This strategy works well. I started using it after seeing a couple of guys do it on youtube. Just search 2 Player Farm Strategy.


            If anyone wants to go high runs with this one in solo, its so simple. Like boybad said, stay inside the barn and zombies will never spawn behind you (if you are facing away from the house).


            This strategy gives you good opportunity to round all the zombies in one area. I usually train them and then lure the zombies back into the barn and kill them while they just enter. That way the new wave also only spawn around the barn area.


            However this method can be time consuming if you do not have the Ray gun.


            Many people don't like this map in coop due to the lack of space but I find it quite challenging.

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