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    Lag in this game.

      To those where who think the lag in this game is bad, you have no idea of what bad lag is really like. Go play GME a MOBA and then you can truly begin to understand bad lag and how it affects the game.


      For those that don't know GME is guardians of middle earth and a MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena.


      The lag in this game at its worst is nothing like what that game is like at times at its best when the lag is low..

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          Still, the lag in this game is as bad as older COD's I've been playing.


          I actually upgraded my connection this week to 84MB down, 6MB up, with 19ms ping. And I'm telling ya, I'm not seeing a whole lot of improvement from my 20MB down connection. As a matter of fact, the lag is worse at times. Lag will always be there, I know. But, I'm now playing with the best connection I've ever had, and I'm still dying after seeing only one bullet. It's not right, and it's not my connection. You could say it before with my 20MB down, but not now, man.


          They really have to work at getting more dedicated servers. They make a HUGE difference. And it should be a priority after the spawns are fixed. Speaking of the spawns. Oh...my...God! The spawns are downright horrible. I have been dying more from crappy spawns then in any previous COD. I'd say it's bad enough to affect my KDR, even though that is just a gauge. I am more interested in having fun. And I'm experiencing more frustration then fun. The game is four months out and still crap. Sorry, not accepting any more excuses for this game. You can't seriously keep defending this game this long after release. Spawning is one the most important aspects of an FPS. And Ghosts does not hold up in this case. I play less and less each day.

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              If you have 19ms to your ISP gateway router that's not particularly good. I have 5 ms and that's not exceptional either. Connect your console directly to your ISP modem and if you see an improvement you might consider buying a better home router. I have a Netgear N900 and it far better than the Dlink I was using before.

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                Bandwidth is not speed. Upgrading from 20 to 80 shouldn't mean much at all to gaming. Gaming using up a very small amount of bandwidth, you only need a handful. Let me put it this way. Think of bandwidth as having lanes on a highway. More bandwidth = more lanes. But your gaming only needs one lane, so to speak. Just like driving on the road you can only go so fast down a lane. Extra lanes doesn't mean you can all of a sudden drive faster. What does matter to gaming is your ping to the host/server. Ping is reliant on your connection quality, how far you are away from your local exchange (your "last mile" of internet connection), and then who you are pinging.

                Loads of bandwidth is great if you are downloading large files, movies, etc. As far as your gaming goes, does not mean much. If you are using different applications while you are gaming it does help. If you are in the habit of running multiple devices at once, for the sake of your gaming, prioritize your gaming through the Qos feature of your router. Making sure that your router is as efficient as possible in delivering the gaming data to you is much more important than Bandwidth.

                Furthermore little things like input lag from your tele can effect you. If I was very serious about gaming I would definitely get a monitor. Those on this forum who have swapped over to a monitor always talk about positive results. hhhmmm maybe I'll get myself a monitor for the Xbone when I can rustle some spare cash together.

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                  More bandwidth does not mean better game ever. the game does not now or ever use your total bandwidth. So would not matter if you had 1GB up and down, still would not guarantee a better playing game then someone with less ever. That is where most make the same mistake, they think buying a bigger package will get them a better experience when it will not on consoles ever.


                  I have a cable connection 20down 3 up and because if have little jitter and my line if fairly stable I have no issues. Just because you have more bandwidth does not mean your line is stable all the time. No matter what they say you are supposed to be getting does not mean that every second of the day that is what you are getting all the time.


                  They will probably never have enough dedicated servers to cover all games in all countries ever. The spawns in this game are no worse than past games, the only difference is the size of the maps. people move so far and it opens up spawns behind them. The spawn algorithm does not check far enough for when it spawns a new player for if anyone else is within sight line of that player. Plus a recently dead player could be spawning in just as you round the corner making them seem to spawn right next to you but in truth the game had just chosen the spawn point before you got there so will not change it. It only makes a quick check and then spawns a player. It does not do redundant double or triple checks to make sire the area is clear for the spawn.


                  No game has ever been perfect nor ever will. All games have had issues way past release, none have ever been free of any issues even major issues. Even the past CoD's were plagued with them long after release of the game and never fixed. Just most remember them as better because of how this game seems to be worse when really it is not. MW2 was laggy as hell for me at times, way worse than this game ever has been so far. The only time I get bad lag is when playing late at night in my area causing the game to match me up to further away lobbies because of the low player base at the time I am playing in my local area.


                  This game has no more lag then previous games. The problem is the hosts being selected and how those hosts connect to the internet. With more and more people using wifi on the xbox slim and other wifi connections or cell phone connections than in the past it has degraded the overall quality of the game for everyone in general.


                  Does not matter how good your connection is by itself, the game depends upon everyone's connection to each other and the host to be good for it to work good. You could have a backbone connection but if the host that was selected was playing on a 3g cell phone the game will still feel bad to you. It is not the net code itself, but the host selection during matchmaking that is the problem. And the distance that it allows other players from each other joining a lobby.

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                      Fair enough, trial. But, your comment that the spawns are no worse then previous CODs is way off. How can you possibly make that comment? Have you forgotten about the thread started by teanah about fixing the spawns? Why would IW need our help with the spawning experience if it were not a valid issue with the game? I've lost track, and stopped counting, all the times that I spawn and see - and continue to see - an enemy running right at me. Spawns are a problem. More so then I've ever experienced in previous CODs. Some days I get the feeling they've been fixed. Then tomorrow comes along and I get the feeling nothing has changed.


                      I've made a point of not rage quitting nowadays. But, when I experience an insane amount of horrible spawns, I just stop playing altogether and wait until the next day before playing again. The spawns in Ghosts ARE different then previous CODs, in the worst way. In my experience. I can't speak for anyone else.

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                          Totally agree. The spawn system in this game is the WORST of any COD I've played. I still have MW2 and still play it and it's very rare I get a bad spawn in that game.

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                            In every CoD I have had players spawn near me, in front of me, behind me just after I left that location and got shot in the back, it is no more problematic of this game. Just people cry it is because of how they die and thus think it was not fair. The only time it did not happen was when playing static spawned games like ctf, demo, snd.


                            The problem is how quick it spawns players in, and the fact it does not check far enough out to see if anyone else is nearby or coming that direction.


                            Ya know why they have yet to fix them good enough for everyone? Because they cant ever. The only way would be to make completely static spawns on every map which would make spawn camping/killing become a major problem.


                            The spawns will always be cried about as being off, because rushers and spawn killers dont like they cant just camp a spawn all the time for easy kills.

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                        You folks sound like you have been doing this for awhile.  I'm going to ask a potentially stupid question.  Do you have any suggestions on satellite internet (dishNET) other than changing to a different service?

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                          I guessI'm lucky and I'm near dedicated servers as I have yet to witness host migration and I have only been in one laggy match.

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                              Quite likely true then for you. Dedicated servers if close enough to them can be good, but if far enough where just at the max range before going back to a listen server, can be just as bad as a listen server in regards to lag.


                              The only thing dedi's really fix is host migration.

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                              i 'played' for 2 hours earlier and 3  whole games were actually playable,got kicked umpteen times because of awful connection and even had trouble rejoining my clan mates.


                              i'm now at a stage where i would actually pay for for a decent connection.


                              ...and no, it is not my isp either, there is eff all wrong when i put another game on .....ever!

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                                  It does not need be your isp for the problem to exist. It could just be the general playerbase and what connetions they are using. For your connection alone means less than you realize. If anyone and most importantly the host has an unstable connection everyone will suffer no matter how good their connection is.

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                                  Lag has been minimal for me in this installment. Have a few herky-jerky lobbies here and there, but few and far between.


                                  Hit detection seems a lot better as well.