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    BlessTheCursed is actively recruiting for PS3&PS4!

      BlessTheCursed is a great community full of gamers of all ages and from various backgrounds. We enjoy getting into parties and wreaking havoc on the competition!



      Be 15 or older

      Have a K/D of .80 or higher

      Have a mic

      Have an active e-mail address that you use regularly

      And last but not least -- sign up to our clan website -- www.blessthecursed.com


      To sign up and apply with us, go to the link above. In the top right corner of the homepage click "register". (This is an enjin website, so if you have an enjin account, just log in). After registering, on our homepage, if you scroll down below the "clan news" there is an application form. Simply fill it out, hit submit, and we will review it. Once we have confirmed you meet the requirements you will then be accepted and one of the higher ranking members will add you to their player list, get you invited into the clan through the in game invite system, and we will begin our gaming journey together!