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    Ghosts using FRAPS & Modifying config_mp.cfg

      Okay Ghosts, actually Valve (VAC) has been issuing Vac Bans and kudos for that and thanks.


      Okay I don't want a ban nor risk it in any way, shape or form so I need absolute clarifications as follows:


      1. FRAPS is okay or not to use with zero risk of any form of ban? I use FRAPS both or video capture and the FPS utility to diagnose and troubleshoot frame rate issues since Ghosts has neither capability.


      2. Modifying the config_mp.cfg file is there any risk of ban? The last time I messed with the config_mp.cfg was before patch #3 corrected my SLI and lock-up issues. The modifications I made were graphical, priority level and I think I changed my ping search down to 200 ms.


      Regarding the config_mp.cfg file, I'm perfectly fine using the 'defaults' but i haven't a clue how to reset them. I have made no modifications to that file for quite some time and new updates have taken place. Now if needed I'm okay with 'Delete Local Content' and re-installing the game.


      - Thanks!