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    How to get less than 100 in world on leaderboards for Solo Nightfall Extinction.(Wall of Text)

           This is a strategy I used in Nightfall Extinction Solo on Xbox one. It netted me 5th in the world and I had a friend try it and he got 21 in the world. It is extremely easy and I didn't even beat the final boss(I got her to 1/4 health left and then died) and I still got 5th in the world, so imagine what you can do if you beat her. This may be a long post, but if you read it all I may make you a better player and if you ever need any help, I love helping people on extinction getting achievements or just beating it. My gamertag is x1HxTakeNotez and I play on Xbox One. Some of you may think that I am using a strategy that I found on Youtube, but I looked every where to find a solo strategy on Nightfall using all 5 relics and I could find none, so I had to make my own. Ok here we go.

           First, your set-up. The pistol is completely up to you, but it really does not matter because you will not be using your pistol that much. I use the magnum, because it is the strongest of all the pistols and it is really good at conserving ammo. Combine it with explosive ammo and 2 points into upgrading it and you will have a beast of a pistol. Ammo will be explosive ammo. You will want to run Vest. Then Sentry Guns. Yes Sentry Guns, not vulture. I will explain later why. And finally, but most important, the portable turret. The very first thing in the last section. When it is upgraded all the way in solo, 50 of the 200 bullets will take out a Rhino or a Phantom and it takes a while to overheat. And its cheap as hell. $1100 for an ass kicking machine. Now to the strategy on how you will distribute your Skill Points.

           You will want to complete every challenge in the first two areas, because you NEED those points as fast as you can get them. The 1st 7 points you get will go into your maned turret to max it out. The next 4 will go into Vest and the final 7 go into your Sentry Guns. That's a total of 18 points and that is how many you will have once you have destroyed the last have in the 2nd area if you have completed every challenge. In the final area, spend all your points trying to get duel pistols because they are a great source of gaining money if you run out. And now finally, how you will kill everything on the map without breaking a sweat.

           The 1st area is all about completing challenges and searching to find flares and Trophys. If you don't find a least two flares in the 1st area, I suggest restarting, because a phantom will come at hive 3 and 4 and your turret will not be strong enough to fight him yet. Tip: Throw out a box of explosive ammo, so when you are searching boxes it will not give you stun or something like that, it will only give you explosive or normal ammo. After the 1st two hives you will want to start using you maned turret. Set you turret up so that you back is to a wall, but also facing the drill and plant a Sentry Gun in front of you, facing you and the drill. This way you can shot anything on your Sentry Gun or the drill and the Sentry Gun can shot anything attacking you or help you fight things away from the drill. If you find any trophy systems, then you will want to place one and only one at each hive where you will be posting up. As long as you focus on scorpions first, then they shouldn't even be able to shoot acid at you, the the trophy system is there for back-up. Once you get your Sentry guns to where you can have two, you can place a 2nd as long as you have money left over for another manned turret afterwards. You will want to use this setup on every hive through out the game. Another nice thing about the turret is if anything comes at you head on, it will hit you turret and not you.(Even a Rhino or Phantom). Always make sure you are topped off on Vest and never let you vest hit zero. I usually get off my turret at 10% of my vest left and throw another box. I say this because a Phantom or Rhino can take you down in 3 hits if you don't have a vest on and they hit fast, so you may not have enough time to get off the turret and throw vest if they are attacking. In your 1st Breeder encounter, place your Turret underneath the metal walkway to the right of the Minigun at the top where the LSAT is. This way the red gas will land on the metal walkway and will not hurt you. This should not be a hard fight. Right when she is about to shoot, get off the turret and lay down, when she stops, get back on. Rinse and repeat until she is dead.

           This strategy should get you through all 13 hives with no problem as long as you do as I said. Now the final Breeder fight, I had trouble with it, but was unlucky because I was short on cash when I went out there. The strategy is place your maned turret behind the fence kind of walls at the other side of the area when you walk in. This way when she shoots, you can lay down. Now when she shoots her red mist, just move to the other side of the area until she shoots more red mist and just go back and fourth. No need for Sentrys here, because their a waste of money. Once her health is down to half, she will leave and only one Rhino will show up in solo, kill it and everything else to get money back. Get back to your spot when she comes back and keep shooting her. Every time she falls down shoot the yellow spot on her side. If it pops, then she will lose a lot of health. You don't really have to worry about shooting the flowers because you do more damage to her when she is healing than she heals.(As long as you are shooting her in the face), but they are a good source of money if your low. She is very vulnerable when she is healing. She will not heal if you are shooting her and you do more damage. The final fight should go well, if you manage your money right. My rule of thumb is use 100 of the 200 bullets in the turret to shoot the Breeder and the other 100 to kill small aliens to get $1100 back Try and save as many downs as you can for the final fight, cause you may need them. I would restart if I went down in the 1st two areas, because you need every down for the Factory and the Final fight. Try not using vest in the final fight, so you have more money for turrets. I hope this helps all of you(Don't know why I'm telling your my strategy cause now some of you may knock me off my 5th spot, but I love to share anything I find in this game.) If you need any help or know a way to make my strategy better, just leave a comment or message me on Xbox. Thank you for reading.