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    New DLC ideas.

      I think a good idea for future DLCs is make a horror map for every DLC. For the next DLC you could make the special killstreak Ash Williams from the Army of Darkness. This is what he would have.

      -Standard juggernaut health

      -Chainsaw melee attack

      -Semi auto double barrel Remington that has 10 rounds before you have to reload like in the Army of Darkness

      -Funny Ash Williams sayings when you kill someone

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          Re: New DLC ideas.

          ok I think ghosts needs a character customization dlc pack. ghosts increased our ability to make a solider in OUR image/imagination, however I think its a bit lacking. why you ask? for the fact that all the outfits look military in design, which is fine but I think that in a game like this there should be more. that being said here are the ideas for the pack.

          -civilian clothing (this is based on the mission when the hero(s) go to the now dessert las vegas, and they were wearing civilian attire with minimal combat gear)


          -destroyed/apocalyptic (this is based on the central plot point in ghosts. the setting is based off a post-apocalyptic event after all so we should see more clothing with mix-match items on them such as football pads, knee pads, or bandanas (either wrapped on the mouth or on the arm or leg))


          -classic COD (this is to help bring back memories of call of duty games past, as more of a fan servies to all fans new and old)

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              Re: New DLC ideas.

              I Like the new DLC ideas, I also wish they would make like a custom gun camo creator, so you can rock your clans emblem all over your weapons & riot shields. I would also like them to do more character DLC & not just do random people and do all of the characters so we can pick and choose who we want , due to who wants 16 makarovs & prices running around... It gets boring after awhile

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