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    Enough is ENOUGH

      How can players that are hacking getting worse instead of better?  9 out of 10 games I've joined in the last week have had people hacking.  Hacks where no matter how many rounds you put into someone they don't die and wall hacking to name a few. 


      Most popular and financially successful FPS ever and yet we can't even play under fair circumstances or actually enjoy the game we've all paid $60.00 PLUS another $50 for Season Passes.  So that's over $100 many people have paid to play a game where cheating seems to be rewarded and ignored.   My clan alone, which consists of 100 members who have all been together since MW2 have all came to the conclusion that if this is the kind of game play we are going to be subject to that we're going to stop playing Call of Duty all together.


      Our clan has had a serious discussion on switching over to Destiny and saying goodbye to CoD forever.  I'm sure that many of your loyal fans are at this point as well.  Whatever it costs Activision should be spending every penny needed to level the playing field and ensure we're getting what we paid a LOT of money for,  a fair cheating-minimum game.

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          I think you are exaggerating. I also think you are blaming your loss on "cheaters". I've not seen one cheat in all my hours. That doesn't mean I think they don't exist. What it does mean is I think you don't run into cheaters "all the time".


          Tbh with ghosts even more than past titles people are looking for excuses. The three most popular in order are "campers" ,  "cheaters", and "lag comp".

          And to be even more honest, I kinda hope cod "dies" and all the crybaby bandwagon kids move on. So we(and I use "we" loosely) can get back to playing the game we used to. When people stayed in the same lobby for hours with 11 randoms and just had fun, win or lose it was "gg". Now every time you kill someone it's "you camped!" Or "you cheated!" Or "insert random rant" .


          If you aren't having fun, stop playing. Nobody cares if you leave.

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            I think you need to find something better to do then trolling.  What a person doesn't have the ability to tell the difference between a cheater and loosing a match?  Or watching someone climb virticle up a wall 20 feet high must be a camper I'm trying to wine about.  Get a clue before you "add something" to the conversation. Apparently you're not paying attention to who's in the lobby when you start a match and see time played, scores and icons.  That's great you're looking to find a forum to voice how you hate crybabies but apparently when two people are facing each other and BOTH unload clips into each other and no one even gets a hit marker that that's crying about loosing. 

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              If you don't mind, could you post some video of all the cheats? Should be pretty easy if it happens all the time.

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                Knock yourself out I've posted one on my Youtube channel, Kisorsosay.  I didn't post anymore because after the "we don't care" message I got from Activision reply why even take the time to upload them to send.

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                  5. Re: Enough is ENOUGH

                  Ok , ill check it out. Thanks.

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                    I have to agree with you right now because usually when I play with my clan we don't run into people who are hacking or cheating but today was unbelievable.

                    In most of the core game modes we played in, we would die as if we were still playing HC but we would have to use half a mag or more to kill people.

                    In one game of HC Dom some players kept calling in high killstreaks, like Helo Pilot and Loki but it was impossible for them to ever get one of them because they died just as many times as they got a kill, and not once did any of them go on a killing streak because we always called out enemy positions and killed them before they had a chance to get a killstreak going.

                    I was planning on getting the PS4 and see if the game is any better there but now I don't even want to waste my money.

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                      I have to agree with you about the hackers. I am somewhat new to the whole PS3 experience (June 2013), and saw just how horrible things were on BO2. The lag was so bad there that you could barely move. I stopped playing it completely until Ghosts came out. At this point, I'm not thrilled with it at all. I can not get over the amount of hackers that are on daily. You can't shoot them without your gun jumping all over the place, they seem to know where you are at all times, even with the Off the grid perk. I have been in lobbies that were so laggy, it was nearly impossibl end of the match, no final kill cam. unannounced enemy choppers and air strikes, enemies standing or laying down on to of your IED's and not even as much as wounding them let alone killing them. Shooting across the map with guns that aren't remotely close to being able to reach that far for distance, blocked out stats and icons, ridiculously high k/d's in a day or less of playing time, prestige masters in less than a week, completely untouchable through the whole match, despite unloading all of your ammo into them. I can't even play on this name anymore because of a "mirroring error" in the last update causing me to lose my prestige level of 2, my 700 squad points gone, 2 gold guns and almost a 3rd one gold all gone. I had to mame a whole new account and start over from square one. I have a case pending to get it fixed, but not holding my breath for it to happen. I'm truly dissappinted with Activision and Infinity Ward for allowing this behavior to happen and go on and not do anything about it, knowing that it's a violation of their own TOS and code of conduct. I'm truly sorry I ever wasted my money to buy this game and the Season Pass, all I have done is supported a "non caring" company to get richer off of a rubbish game and rubbish employees!

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                        8. Re: Enough is ENOUGH

                        Vids is private.  Just so you know.

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