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    Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

      What are everyone's thought on purchasing the Season Pass for COD Ghosts?  I am on the fence (kind of leaning towards the purchase) but I would like some feedback.  I have already beat the campaign mode and now play online 99.9% of the time.  What do you like about the Season Pass and what are you disappointed in?  Do you think the maps are that much more fun to play?  Do you think the new weapons are worth it or not?  Any insight would be awesome!  I haven't played COD since the second release on the PC and this is the first Xbox I have ever owned (the Xbox One), so far I am having a blast and so much has changed.  So please tell me your thoughts!  Thanks in advance!


      Also, I do not have any other games for the Xbox One right now.  No plans to buy anything new anytime soon either.  So maybe this would be a factor as to why I should make the purchase???

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